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Exhibitions and available paintings Jan’ 2019

Current round-up of current exhibitions and (as yet) unsold paintings  …


Limetree Gallery, Bristol. (Contact gallery for enquiries Here)

Paintings available from the Limetree Gallery …

Winter Show. Resipole Gallery, 10th Nov’ to 22nd March. Ardnamurchan, Scotland. (Contact gallery for enquiries Here)

Paintings at the Resipole …


Small Paintings. Morningside Gallery, Edinburgh.  (contact gallery for enquiries Here)

Paintings at the Morningside Gallery …

Today’s paintings

P1010463 P1010453 P1010466I acquired a few smaller canvases this weekend so decided to experiment today.

The painting on wood is on top of a painting of Moffat from last year which I didn’t like so ended up using as a pallete (why waste all those interesting colours I thought) so I’ve just enhanced it.

I’m quite happy with the mood of the larger square work – a sort of ‘gloaming’ or half light. They could all do with a bit more definition though so I’ll work on them tomorrow.

I can see various ideas emerging from the painting in the middle so will have a think..

Inspired by..

'Waves in the Rain, Singing Sands Bay'. Acrylic and ink on 40x30" canvas

‘Waves in the Rain, Singing Sands Bay’. Acrylic and ink on 40×30″ canvas

Nice news today that I’ve been included in Saatchi’s ‘Inspired by Impressionism..’ series.

I’m not actually particularly inspired by Impressionism, but last year one of my paintings (‘Waves in the Rain, Singing Sands Bay’, above) was compared to Gustave Courbet by the Curator of French Art at the National Gallery of Scotland. I was very touched by that, and she followed up those kind remarks by buying the painting too, I was thrilled!

This is Courbet’s ‘La Vague’ (the wave). I honestly wasn’t thinking of Courbet at all when I painted my waves, but I actually do see what she meant in a way – the energy I think. Courbet was a messy painter, as I tend to be too especially with larger works.

And since I’m blowing my own trumpet today (somebody has to!) other good news is that ‘Cockenzie Power Station’ was pre-selected for the RSA (Royal Scottish Academy) Open 2015.

'Cockenzie Power Station, 26th September 2015'. Mixed media on 17x11" wood panel

‘Cockenzie Power Station, 26th September 2015’. Mixed media on 17×11″ wood panel

Thanks to the RSA and Saatchi, I must say it’s given me a wee glow today!


The big one..

'Rum from Laig Bay'. Acrylic on 40x30" canvas

‘Rum from Laig Bay’. Acrylic on 40×30″ canvas

This latest work is for the upcoming exhibition next week (on the 18th July 6-9pm at Whitespace, 25 Howe Street, Edinburgh) it’s about 3.5 by 2.5 feet. Quite a physical effort compared to the recent 5×5 inch series! I’ve huffed and puffed over this one and think it’s almost there…

And this is a smaller work on 20×16″ canvas


‘Boat in Pier Bay, Eigg’. Acrylic and ink on 20×16″ canvas

Also if you’re interested, here’s an article on ‘how to paint the sea’ which I was invited to write for Art Jury.com – http://www.artjury.com/How-2/Strang.html

I hope you’re all enjoying the beautiful sunshine. It’s just as well the UK light lasts until 9pm since I need all the light I can get to finish this latest series! I’m feeling more into the swing of it now, as usually happens about halfway through.

I’ll be sending a catalogue of all new works/prices/dimens’ etc for the exhibition to former buyers on the 16th July – what’s known as ‘first refusal’, for those who’ve bought work before.


There’s no obligation to buy obviously, but if any previous buyers are interested in originals or prints for the exhibition they have the opportunity to reserve works.

50 Paintings of Eigg Series No. 23

Eigg Series No. 23. Acrylic on 5x5" wood

Eigg Series No. 23. Acrylic on 5×5″ wood

P1100887A wave from Singing Sands Bay, this time more experimental and loose, which I feel gives it more energy. I like this one!

I mentioned yesterday that music helps me paint –  which is true of all painters I know – and someone asked yesterday which music I find inspiring to paint to. It changes all the time, today’s was painted to Kate Bush’s Ariel, but here are a few that have featured many times in this year’s ‘Music to Paint to’!

Satie has a suitably meandering mood, and for that aimless feeling nothing quite hits the mark like –  Avant-dernières pensées II Aubade

Few can match Kate Bush for atmospheric mood and evocation of landscape, this is Lake Tahoe from 50 Words for Snow. (I’d love to paint that phrase in the song mid way where she calls ‘sno-o-o-wfl-a-ake’!)

Another evoker of atmosphere, is singer/songwriter Scott Matthews. Ballerina Lake is quite haunting and can trigger the right mood..


And (of course) 50 Words for Snow ! I love paintings snowscapes and I also like this amateur video, taken by someone from her porch which looks like somewhere in the wilds of Canada but I think is New Hampshire.


50 Paintings of Eigg Series No. 20

Eigg Series No. 20. Acrylic on 5x5" wood

Eigg Series No. 20. Acrylic on 5×5″ wood

detailA peaceful wave in the rain on Singing Sands Bay. The rain was very light so there was a lovely soft glow over everything. I usually use gesso for a semi opaque rainy haze.

So far I’ve painted scenes of Eigg but as yet no details of the flora and fauna of the island, so at sometime in the next week or so I’ll introduce you to my good friend, and traveling companion to Eigg, Donald Ferguson, who took some beautiful photographs of stones, rocks and sand.

Donald also adopted a rock from the Singing Sands Bay which is now attached to a steel cable and swings gently above a large window in his house. I’m sure he can be persuaded to post a video of it, with the view of Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat in the background!

In the meantime here’s an incidental in front of the cliffs of Cleadale, left behind by a glacier millions of years ago..