Other Artworks

This page features other visual arts projects and works that are not landscape-art related.

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This guy’s not for burning

Traquair House, Scotland 2018. Created at the invitation of the Demarco Gallery and Traquair House to commemorate the history of Traquair House. This piece was created by drawing with invisible ink which can only by seen with a UV light. During the Scottish wars of independence, Jacobites who fought for restoration of the Catholic Stuart throne and an independent Scotland often had to go undercover due to persecution of both Catholics and Jacobites at the time. One of the secret motifs, recognisable to fellow Jacobites, was a rose which formed the letters C.S. (Charles Stuart – aka Bonnie Prince Charlie). The rose referred to  the common white rose of Scotland, which was also adapted as a Jacobite motif. Traquair House has always been Catholic and holds an annual celebration of Guy Fawkes, the house also sheltered Catholics during a time when their lives were in danger.

While I don’t personally belong to any religious organisation, I found the history fascinating and very much enjoyed creating the piece of 21st century subterfuge below!


A portrait of Richard Demarco, created for the Demarco Archives in 2017.

Portrait of Richard Demarco

'Portrait of Richard Demarco'. Blackboard paint, gesso and pencil on 36x36 inch wood panel. Rose Strang, January 2018

‘Portrait of Richard Demarco’. Blackboard paint, gesso and pencil on 36×36 inch wood panel. Rose Strang, January 2018. (Demarco Archives Collection).











‘Flow’. Mixed media. Rose Strang 2000










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