Monthly Archives: September 2021

Artworks page tidied up!

Above, painting in the Applecross peninsula in 2019.

I include the painting above since someone recently bought my entire Ardban series from the Lime Tree An Ealdhain Gallery in Fortwilliam, many thanks to the buyer! I think they look great displayed together.

You can view the series if you visit my Artworks page and scroll down it (in menu above) which has just been tidied up, each series headed clearly and with links to relevant galleries or posts about making paintings.

This was no small task since WordPress recently updated their entire system. If you’re anything like me, the thought of having to relearn a whole new pile of technology was offputting enough to make me consider starting a new website. That would have been a shame to say the least though, since I have an art diary/blog going back eight years here!

Luckily my partner Adam stepped in to the fray and helped me find ways to sort it all out. Phew! He has far more patience than me, and the fact he’s a digital animator who works with computers and imagery all the time helps a lot too!

You can have a browse of the gallery here: Artworks

Iona Paintings

Above, Misty Evening, North End Iona. Oil on 6×6″ wood. Rose Strang 2021.

The painting above (and two paintings below) were painted after a trip to Iona last month in mild weather. The feel is very different from the last time I was on the island in winter 2018 when the skies and sea were stormy and dramatic. This time Iona was green, tranquil and contemplative with calm weather.

These are the small start to a larger series I’ll be painting starting from next week, in response to the landscapes of Kilmartin and Iona. More on that soon.

In the meantime, contact me if you’re interested in these small paintings, at