I create videos in response to places I visit and collaborations – I often work in collaboration with poets or musicians, which I find an inspiring part of the creative process.

Most of the following videos showcase aspects of collaborations, and feature montages of my paintings with the work of people I’ve collaborated with, including composer/cellist Atzi Muramatsu, poet J.L. Willams, author/poet Louise Palfreyman, pianist/composer Jane Gardner, poet Alan Spence (Edinburgh’s Makar 2018), musician, Donald Ferguson and animator Adam Brewster.

The Living Mountain. Dreaming a Response

This video was created in response to The Living Mountain project. In 2021 I was commissioned by the Folio Society to create a series of works for their 2021 pubication of The Living Mountain, by Nan Shepherd. The video touches on the inspiration for the series and shows the paintings created. (Stills and footage, Adam Brewster and Rose Strang. Music, Atzi Muramatsu. Editing Rose Strang).


This collaboration was inspired by the landscape of Ardnamurchan and the discovery of a Scottish Gaelic folk song by songwriter Donald McColl (1901 – 1977) The song poetically describes the flora and fauna of the land. (Digital harp Adam Brewster, guitar Donald Ferguson, vocals Rose Strang, musical arrangement and production Adam Brewster and Donald Ferguson. Editing Rose Strang, Camera Adam Brewster) Exhibition of the paintings at The Resipole Gallery from June 12th to July 22nd 2022.


The Planets. The Seven Heavens in the Imagination of C.S. Lewis

In association with the exhibition ‘The Planets’ (view series on this page – Artworks and more about themes of the exhibition Here) Animator, Adam Brewster, created the following digital animation (and composed the music for it) which responds to the theme of planetary influence as creatively imagined in Medieval cosmology; his animation depicts the idea of atmospheric influence on landscape – the cycles of nature:

The Planets. The Seven Heavens in the Imagination of C.S. Lewis

In association with the exhibition ‘The Planets’ (view series on this page – Artworks and more about themes of the exhibition Here) Composer/cellist, Atzi Muramatsu (here sitting in front of the painting ‘Saturn’) responds to the theme of Saturn as creatively imagined by author C.S. Lewis in ‘The Last Battle’ from the Narnia Chronicles. Author Michael Ward discovered this influence in the Narniad during his PHD research on C.S. Lewis, which he writes about in his book Planet Narnia. Atzi’s piece evokes the ominous themes of Saturn; endings, darkness and cold, juxtaposed with the beauty of stars falling from a night sky:

Sanna – Featuring footage of Ardnamurchan on the west coast of Scotland, music by Donald Ferguson and paintings by Rose Strang. Footage, March 2019, paintings and music, May 2019.

Wells of Arthur’s Seat project. 2 minute video highlighting poem by Alan Spence, cello by Atzi Muramatsu and paintings by Rose Strang. June 2018.

Winter Series. 12 paintings in response to 12 pieces of music by cellist/composer Atzi Muramatsu created for this project.

Moonscapes: Isle of Harris. Live performance by Atzi Muramatsu as part of exhibition launch. July 2017

Hebrides: Sea, Space and Sky. Cello: Atzi Muramatsu, poetry: Louise Palfreyman

Stormy Sky, Lindisfarne. Poems written by J.L.Williams in response to paintings of Lindisfarne. Exhibition Sea, Space and Sky at the Marchmont Gallery, Edinburgh 2014

Collaboration as part of exhibition Eigg Island at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh 2015

Gaia Metempsychosis. A piece for string quartet written by Atzi Muramatsu as part of the Eig Project. Performed as part of the Eigg exhibition at The Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh 2015.

Music by Atzi Muramatsu in response to three paintings: North 1, 2 and 3 from the Snowscapes exhibitition, Gayfield Crative Spaces, Edinburgh 2015

Video of a painting in progress, musical accompaniment; Jane Gardner’s Oceans