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Hebrides Prints for sale

'Leaving Ullapool 2'. Mixed media on 5x5" wood

‘Leaving Ullapool 2’. Mixed media on 5×5″ wood

In May this year I’ll be returning to Harris on the outer Hebrides for a brief trip and to 20160920_093106inspire a new series of paintings for this year’s summer exhibition (Whitespace Gallery, Howe St Edinburgh, 30th June to 30th July). I’ll be staying in the yurt, where I painted the Harris sea loch paintings below in September last year. I’m looking forward to seeing how the colours have changed in early summer.

There are 10×10 inch and 20×20 inch limited edition prints available of the following, each in editions of 25, signed and numbered. (All originals have sold). Email me at for details:



Canalscapes and Severn (in progress) 6

'Severn 4'. Mixed media on 14x11" wood panel

‘Severn 4’. Mixed media on 14×11″ wood panel

'Severn 2'. Mixed media on 14x11" wood panel

‘Severn 2’. Mixed media on 14×11″ wood panel

'Severn 3'. Mixed media on 14x11" wood panel

‘Severn 3’. Mixed media on 14×11″ wood panel

Today’s painting of the Severn – a bit more abstract. Also more work on Severn 2 and 3, which seems to suit a more abstract approach. The views in real life are very simple in a way – huge skies, long bands of land in subtle colours, but it’s the feeling of distance and atmosphere that’s hard to capture in a painting so I’m experimenting with atmospheric effects with scattered pigment and salt, rather than the usual graduated fading into distance which can look predictable or tedious, since we’re so used to seeing that in paintings. In ‘Severn 4’ I’ve scraped back to the wood which has a nice sand tone.

Canalscapes and Severn (series in progress) 5

p1140829Today’s painting of the Severn. I’ll probably add some detailed impasto highlights to the grass tomorrow, though I’ll keep the rough feel.

I’m painting the series in twos really, so there will be another painting of rough grasses in the foreground against bands of sand, mud and water, also another painting of the Severn at twilight.

Canals (series in progress) 4

'Canalscapes 4'. Acrylic on 14x11" wood panel

‘Canalscapes 4’. Acrylic on 14×11″ wood panel

Today’s painting from the Canalscapes and Severn series in progress.

Series so far..

Available Prints

The following prints of my paintings are available as limited editions at the Saatchi Gallery Online. You can buy them – Here



Canals (series in progress) 3

p1140685 p1140681Today’s paintings in progress, photos taken in fading light so a bit blurry! The boat needs to be re-painted

Also, paintings so far just to get a feel for how the series is shaping…