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Exhibition preview

P1260417Last night’s preview went really well, lots of familiar faces and new faces, it was lovely to meet everyone and it’s always interesting to see how people respond to paintings ‘in real life’.

The exhibition continues until the 23rd July. I’ll be in there every day so feel free to drop in and say hello. It’s 25 Howe Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6TF.

Many thanks¬† to Atzi Muramatsu for the beautiful cello performance, I’ll add a video of that in the next few days.

Thanks to everyone for coming along and a huge thank you to those who bought paintings!

A few photos..



Video of painting ‘Hawk’.

'Hawk, River Tweed 3'. Mixed media on 40x40" wood panel

‘Hawk, River Tweed 3’. Mixed media on 40×40″ wood panel

Today’s painting – ‘the largest version of ‘Hawk, River Tweed’.

I decided to video the process of painting this one (link below) and was looking for suitable music to accompany it, so I was delighted when a friend, Jane Gardner, offered one of her own compositions for piano. It’s called ‘Oceans’, and it really adds drama and interest to the video. Thanks Jane!


‘The Green Woods Free’

Below are all works that will be included in this Friday’s exhibition (details here)

The Green Woods Free

Preview Evening: Friday 17th July, 7 – 9pm (including live cello performance by composer/cellist Atzi Muramatsu)

Whitespace@25 Howe Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6TF

Exhibition continues until 23rd July (open every day 10am to 5pm)


Borders Country Day 23

'Moffat Hills 3'. Acrylic on 20x16" canvas

‘Moffat Hills 3’. Acrylic on 20×16″ canvas

'Glentress Forest, Mist'. Mixed media on 20x16" canvas

‘Glentress Forest, Mist’. Mixed media on 20×16″ canvas

Today’s paintings – a misty view day in Glentress forest and shadows chasing across sunlit Moffat hills.

Quite difficult to capture the subdued colours in misty weather, and the way it lends a sort of silence. I might do a bit more work on these two but they’re almost there.

I’ve started on the huge hawk painting (40×40 inches) and I’m filming the process since people seem to like watching artists painting! I remember painting on the beach at North Berwick one day, and a teacherly woman stalked up behind me, watched me for a minutes then said dryly ‘ha’ and walked away. Most encouraging!

Borders Country Day 22

'Birch Trees, Gladhope'. Mixed Media on 40x30" canvas

‘Birch Trees, Gladhope’. Mixed Media on 40×30″ canvas

Birch Trees updated. I felt it needed more contrast and texture. I think it’s pretty much finished now. I just have the largest painting on panel to complete, and I’ve started on this smaller painting…

In progress..

In progress..








Five days now until the exhibition launch at Whitespace Howe St! Four days really as the paintings must be hung in the gallery, wine ordered and so on.

Here are a few photos of the gallery, also one of composer/cellist Atzi Muramatsu contemplating paintings last year at Howe Street (he’ll be performing cello again at the launch this Friday, which I’m really looking forward to. I’ll make sure I record everything and will post it here in a week or so – all details Here)






I love painting for a living, but it’s quite a financial roller coaster – a constant boom and bust that’s pretty unpredictable. After a month-long flu and lung infection earlier this year I was diagnosed with quite severe anaemia, so the rest of this year has been all about recovering and catching up. I don’t know what I’d have done without friends and family to help out. Much love to you and a huge, heartfelt, thank you!

Borders Country Day 21

P1260026Today’s painting, Birch trees on a larger canvas of 40×30 inches.

I went a bit Jackson Pollock with some household undercoat paint, which was fun. I wanted to capture an early spring sort of light, more delicate and gentle.

Lots of admin’ to do for the exhibition so I don’t have much time to elaborate! I hope you’re all enjoying the summer weather.

Studio photo, people have said they like these so I’ll post one each day..