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Small Paintings

‘Isle of Iona’. (paintings are numbered 1 to 3 from left). Mixed media on 3.5×3 inches. Rose Strang 2019. (includes mini easel).

I’ll be painting more of these little artworks (in the photo above) over the coming months, which will be available for sale in art galleries in the landscapes painted.

If you’re interested in buying one of these, contact me at rose.strang@gmail.com and I’ll let you know where they’ll be available, or you can commission something similar if you prefer.

As they’re very small I think they’re a lovely way of acquiring one of my original paintings at a more affordable cost!

Iona Series


Sanna Bay – Paintings and Video

Paintings on exhibition at the Resipole Gallery in Ardnamurchan

I mentioned a while ago that my friend, musician Donald Ferguson, might compose a piece for guitar to accompany my recent paintings of Sanna Bay in Ardnamurchan, and here it is! (links to paintings below video) …

The atmosphere and mood Donald creates here is entrancing – from the impetus of traveling through beautiful scenery from Glencoe to the Ardnamurchan peninsula, to the peace of arriving at Sanna Bay on the farthest west coast of Scotland.

Here are the links to the two galleries exhibiting these new works – you can contact them there with any queries …

Resipole Gallery: https://www.resipolestudios.co.uk/rose-strang

Morningside Gallery – http://www.morningsidegallery.co.uk/4_artists/strang/index.htm

Morningside Gallery, new paintings

‘Sanna Bay,afternoon’. Mixed media on 14×11″ wood panel. Rose Strang, 2019

Lovely to see the newly framed paintings of my March series featuring Ardnamurchan and Sanna Bay now on exhibition at the Morningside Gallery.

You can view them and contact the gallery with any queries on this link … http://www.morningsidegallery.co.uk/4_artists/strang/index.htm

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Resipole, Ardnamurchan

The exhibition launch at the Resipole Gallery was fun and convivial, and Ardnamurchan was beautiful as always. (above – ‘Sanna Bay, Seaweed’, below, photos from the Resipole) ..





The exhibition continues until 28th June. All artworks on this link, also contacts for the gallery if you have any queries about the paintings: https://www.resipolestudios.co.uk/rose-strang

I went up there with a few friends and we stayed on the beach at Ardtoe in the Ardnamurchan peninsula – midgy but lovely.

Some photos –  in the afternoon, sunset then dawn…


















Continuing the castles and mythology theme for the Planets Series, we visited Castle Tioram which, though very overcast, looked mythical as ever, more so perhaps. Bad weather suits the west coast and highlands! These luscious pink rhododendrons are everywhere in May and June on the West Coast …




We sheltered in my favourite hotel – the Glenfinnan Hotel at Loch Sheil…




And lastly, some photos taken while we drove through Glencoe – it looks iconically Glencoe-esque in this weather …




Crail and Elie Harbours

'Crail 1'. Mixed media on 8x8" wood panel

‘Crail 1’. Mixed media on 8×8″ wood panel

'Elie 1'. Mixed media on 8x8" wood panel

‘Elie 1’. Mixed media on 8×8″ wood panel

Today’s paintings of Crail and Elie Harbours, for the upcoming exhibition Harbour. Details Here

These were painted today from sketches yesterday at both harbours. Crail is a quite typical Fife fishing village which has similarities with many of the atmospheric harbours along the east coast, but Elie feels different entirely – quite dreamlike. I’m still working on capturing this, but really enjoyed the contrast of both styles today.

Some photos from yesterday..







Borders Country Day 17

'St Abbs'. Acrylic on 20x16" canvas

‘St Abbs’. Acrylic on 20×16″ canvas

St Abbs (detail)

St Abbs (detail)

Today’s painting – St Abbs Bay on the east coast near the Border.

Those rocks really are as colourful as they’ve been painted. This part of the coastline is quite famous for its beauty, but also it’s near to where Professor Hutton made his discoveries about geology at Siccar Point


There’s a trail named after him which takes you all along the east coast from the Borders to Dunbar, where you can see the faults and intrusions which proved Hutton’s theory that our planet was much, much older than first believed.

The pink, yellow and purple rocks above are igneous  and the grey lower rocks, called Greywrake, are a remnant from the Silurian era – the former beach basically – you can see the bleached effect of tides from an earlier era, which also shows up the colour of crystal clear water. Apparently there would have been more tropical climes then, not unlike today’s weather – we have a mini heatwave in Edinburgh today, and though I know a lot of people hate this mugginess I’m quite enjoying it!