Planets Series


Abbeyhill Studio, 5 Lyne Street (buzzer 7), Edinburgh EH7 5DN (*see map below)

This exhibition features small studies on wood in preparation for the Planets Series I’m creating this year, which takes inspiration from the planets as understood in Medieval cosmology and imagination, and the seven books of Narnia which were each inspired by the seven planets (as discovered by Michael Ward, author of the excellent ‘Planet Narnia’.)

OPEN STUDIO SUNDAYS: The exhibition will be open to the general public on the following days: Sunday 23rd and Sunday 30th June, Sunday 7th July. 1 to 5pm daily.

Artist’s Statement

This series of seven paintings explores the atmosphere or influence of each planet as imagined by C.S. Lewis. I’ve been a life-long Lewis-ite, with an occasional interest in Medieval art and music – discovering and reading Michael Ward’s Planet Narnia uncovered a wealth of new inspiration.

The image that unifies each of the paintings is a castle, echoing the Narnian Cair Paravel. To the modern mind, castles tend to represent militarism or the seat of feudal elites throughout history; in earlier Medieval times the castle was structured in concentric circles, providing layers of protection to people, society, clans or land, and in the Medieval imagination it symbolised protection of spirituality and a valued way of life.

For more information contact Rose Strang at rose.strang@gmail.com