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SSA Open 2019

'Wolf'. Mixed media on 12x12 inch canvas. Rose Strang 2019 board

‘Wolf’. Mixed media on 12×12 inch canvas. Rose Strang 2019

'Giant Snowballs'. Mixed media on 12x12 inch canvas. Rose Strang 2019 board

‘Giant Snowballs’. Mixed media on 12×12 inch canvas. Rose Strang 2019























Above, my two paintings, on a winter theme, available for sale at the SSA  (Society of Scottish Artists) Open Exhibition, which launches 22nd December and ends 30th January 2020. Venue – the Royal Scottish Academy on the Mound, Princes Street, Edinburgh.

I’ve been a member of the SSA for many years, and was delighted to be accepted as a professional member last year.

You can buy tickets for the exhibition (just £3) on their website Here

It’s a huge exhibition, featuring the work of artists living in Scotland as well as international artists, always innovative and well worth a visit!

Winter Miniatures in progress …

Above – walking through city snow (I hope that’s what it looks like!)

Below – today’s paintings for the Winter Miniatures exhibition and open studio day, which launches Sunday 8th December 2pm.

All details Here

I took photos of these in electric light, so it doesn’t show colours quite accurately. Winter evenings are such a pain for painting and photography! I’ll be uploading them in higher quality tomorrow.

Winter Miniatures – 8th December

‘Winter Miniatures. Last Leaves’. Mixed media on 3×3″ wood. Rose Strang 2019

‘Winter Miniatures. Indigo Sky’. Mixed media on 3×3″ wood. Rose Strang 2019

My new series; Winter Miniatures, launches on December 8th next month.

For this series I’m painting around 40 semi-abstract pieces on wood, inspired by the textures and colours of winter.

All info about the exhibition Here

Edinburgh Snow – painting in progress …

In Progress. 2 ‘Edinburgh Snow. (Arthur’s Seat from Regent Road)’. 24×16″. Rose Strang 2018

In progress, 1 ‘Edinburgh Snow (Arthur’s Seat from Regent Road)’. 24×16″. Rose Strang 2018

Two photos showing progress on my painting of Edinburgh in the snow last month. The view is looking South, of Salisbury Crags on Arthur’s Seat from Regent Road, also showing the shape of the Royal Mile.

I began with a piece of reclaimed wood from the local timber merchant, painted it in a thin coat of black, then covered it in a thick layer of white gesso. Before it dried I scraped a rough pattern of the crags and buildings and left it to dry overnight. (image on right)


This morning I gave it a nice hot shower in the bath to soften the gesso, then scraped through gesso and black paint to reveal the wood beneath (painting at top of post). I like the effect  of textured wood showing through, also the rhythms or shapes of the painting,  so I’m not quite sure where to take this next without messing that up!

I’m painting two on similar size boards (24×16 inches – 2 feet along longest side) and I’ll submit them for the annual RSA Open (Royal Scottish Academy) by May this year.

Winter Series – day 2

Two works in progress (right) today for the Winter Series which launches on 25th November.

This project is a collaboration between myself and composer/cellist Atzi Muramatsu, who’s creating twelve two-minute pieces for cello on the theme of winter. I’m responding to each piece with a painting.

I decided to make two paintings in response to the first piece of music, just to see which works best! I can always paint over the one I’m not keen on. At the moment the one above on the left is working more for me, or at least it reflects the mood of the first piece of music more.

While listening to it for the first time I immediately felt space, height and distance. The mood is sombre yet soft – very still. There’s the sense of cascading, or gliding downwards, maybe looking downwards from a great height, either as a bird or a human.

Bear in mind I don’t know what Atzi has in mind other than winter, since we agreed he wouldn’t reveal his ideas until after the exhibition – it should be fun seeing how the paintings corrrespond to his ideas behind the music!

While painting today (which was a pleasure in my new studio space – more room, better light) I had the two-minute piece of music on a loop so I’m very familiar with it now. There’s a moment that feels as though it’s going to melt into something warmer, which reminded me of one of my favourite bits from Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis, by Vaughan Williams, so I tried to suggest that hint of warmth and gentleness, though overall the music is very still, wintry, with a feel of introspection and solitude.

I appreciate music, but my knowledge of musical terms is patchy – I must remedy this by asking Atzi and other musician friends more questions!

More of the new series on Monday …

Snowscapes paintings

Last night’s mulled wine event went well, despite the freezing cold and damp weather – the mulled wine and minced pies were appreciated!

Many thanks to John and Corrie of Gayfield Creative Spaces for their support and general warmth during this chilly time of year! Also thanks to folks who came along, and especially a big thanks to everyone who bought paintings or prints.

My painting ‘Cockenzie Power Station’, which is currently at the RSA, has sold, and the buyer would like to gift it to someone for Christmas so I must replace the painting with another by next week since the RSA Open continues to 14th February.

12291310_990402701023080_8154504487979891542_o 12291677_990402987689718_3803713641628221276_oOn the left a pic of me standing underneath ‘Cockenzie’, and the RSA Open preview night!


I’ll be choosing one of these two below (‘North 3’ and ‘Winter Birch’) from the remaining paintings from the Snowscapes series (so if you’re interested in buying one, let me know by the end of next week before I hand one in to the RSA)…

'North 3'. Mixed media on 20x12 wood panel

‘North 3’. Mixed media on 20×12 wood panel

'Winter Birch'. Mixed media on 17x11" wood panel

‘Winter Birch’. Mixed media on 17×11″ wood panel

Winter Birch (detail)

Winter Birch (detail)










Also, there are a few smaller paintings left from ‘Snowscapes’, so contact me at rose.strang@gmail.com if you’re interested in any of these below. They range from £15 to £100 and I think they make lovely Christmas presents!..

North Wind (1) Mixed media on 11.5x6” wood panel

North Wind (1)
Mixed media on 11.5×6” wood panel


North Wind (2) Mixed media on 8x4.5” wood panel

North Wind (2)
Mixed media on 8×4.5” wood panel











Leith Shore. Mixed media on 9x9" wood panel

Leith Shore. Mixed media on 9×9″ wood panel









Birch, Sunset Mixed media on 8x5.5 wood panel

Birch, Sunset
Mixed media on 8×5.5 wood panel








Quayside Mills, Leith (1). Mixed media on 3x3" wood panel

Quayside Mills, Leith (1). Mixed media on 3×3″ wood panel

Rooftops. Mixed media on 3.5x3.5" wood

Rooftops. Mixed media on 3.5×3.5″ wood

Pine Tree and House'. Mixed media on 3x3" wood

Pine Tree and House’. Mixed media on 3×3″ wood

Rooftops 2. Mixed media on 3x3" wood

Rooftops 2. Mixed media on 3×3″ wood

Snowscapes Day 3

More snowscapes today. I’m leaning towards Edinburgh snowscenes – the contrast between white snow and the shapes of buildings. I might paint an interior view from a window looking out on to snow…