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Winter series – post 5


Today’s painting for the Winter Series 

I’ve decided to order these as ‘posts’ as opposed to ‘days’ since work does go on in between these blog posts!

It’s been a frustrating time as a delivery of paints didn’t turn up until four days later than arranged, so today’s painting was created within half an hour before the light faded, in a state of determination to get something more done.

Tomorrow I’ll have a decent amount of hours to work on something more substantial, though with the precious and limited daylight of winter it’s a challenge to fit everything in – tomorrow I’ll also be delivering my paintings for the Edinburgh Art Fair. (Info Here). Here they are, newly framed …








Just to make up for the really annoying mess-up of paints delivery, the picture framers did an excellent job of framing these, and delivering them free. Excellent and reliable service does still exist! So kudos to Edinburgh Arts Framers. Link Here should you ever wish to have some paintings framed. I don’t know what they put in the tea there, but not only were they reliable, they were also friendly and charming. (I know, shocking!)


Merry Christmas!

No show of snow here in Edinburgh! But here are some of my winter-themed paintings from the past few years …













Winter Landscapes Exhibition

'Winter Birch Trees'. Mixed media on 17x11" wood

‘Winter Birch Trees’. Mixed media on 17×11″ wood

Today’s painting – a winter landscape on wood panel.

I experimented with this as I went along, adding marble dust for texture and lots of work with a palette knife. I’m quite happy with the colours, which are maybe veering a bit towards Bruegel-like with greenish tones in the sky, and touches of intense warmth here and there.

This painting will be the largest in a series I’m painting for a pre-Christmas show at the beginning of December (details tbc). I’ll be creating a series of 10 or so winter landscapes on wood.

On the subject of wintery colours I’ll leave you with Bruegel’s winter masterpiece – Hunters in the Snow (or The Homecoming). It’s the most popular art subject for Christmas cards for obvious reasons! The colours and composition are beautiful, but I also love the fact it gives a sense of ordinary life in the 16th century (though art historians have suggested it’s an idealised portrait even for its time). The hunters haven’t been successful, but you can see people playing on the ice, two women walking carefully on the edge…