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Snowscapes Day 5

More snowscapes from yesterday and today..

A larger version of Quayside buildings in Leith and two works that began experimentally then reminded me of Arthur Rackham or Charles Folkyard book Illustrations – I added pen and ink lines to suggest bracken and trees. I’m happy with the mood of these, sort of lyrical.

I have four days left of painting, then I’ll begin hanging the exhibition on Monday 7th.

Snowscapes launches at Gayfield Creative Spaces in Gayfield Square on Tuesday the 8th December. It’s a three-day exhibition (8th, 9th and 10th Dec’). Open from 12 noon till 8pm every day. Drop in for a glass of mulled wine on Thursday after 6pm!

All info here – Snowscapes Exhibition

Snowscapes Day 2

P1290265Today’s paintings – the painting from yesterday developed into a view of Edinburgh from snowy Salisbury Crags. At least I think that’s what it shows, I’m not sure it’s quite there yet. I don’t want too much detail though, or it’ll end up looking like a Chrsitmas card – maybe that’s not a bad thing!

Also some small works on 4×4″ wood blocks. I experimented with gesso and salt then put them in the oven which created a nice crackle effect…

P1290269 P1290270 P1290271





I’ll work on these more tomorrow, but I’m quite pleased with the small one of odd coloured buildings. It’s of the 16th century Dutch colony buildings in Leith. If you wander in amongst the modern buildings you come across this interesting architecture here and there – a Dutch tower with yellow stucco walls and a teal blue tower with a silver dome – very pretty.

The Edinburgh snowscape also has a sprinkling of salt/glaze which makes the city look glittery in certain lights. I’ll have a think about that tomorrow in the daylight, the painting’s bigger than it looks here – 22.5×10.5 inches, a slightly odd size which suggested a panorama.

It got dark outside today with a sudden rainstorm at 2:30pm and the light didn’t really recover – the down side of painting in winter, but I’m really enjoying this series so far, and look forward to seeing them in the exhibition space which has white walls and wooden roof beams. I’m going to light candles and serve mulled wine on Thursday 10th December. More info here – Snowscapes