Borders Country Day 23

'Moffat Hills 3'. Acrylic on 20x16" canvas

‘Moffat Hills 3’. Acrylic on 20×16″ canvas

'Glentress Forest, Mist'. Mixed media on 20x16" canvas

‘Glentress Forest, Mist’. Mixed media on 20×16″ canvas

Today’s paintings – a misty view day in Glentress forest and shadows chasing across sunlit Moffat hills.

Quite difficult to capture the subdued colours in misty weather, and the way it lends a sort of silence. I might do a bit more work on these two but they’re almost there.

I’ve started on the huge hawk painting (40×40 inches) and I’m filming the process since people seem to like watching artists painting! I remember painting on the beach at North Berwick one day, and a teacherly woman stalked up behind me, watched me for a minutes then said dryly ‘ha’ and walked away. Most encouraging!

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