Borders Country Day 19

'Wood Cabin, (Leithen) 2'. Acrylic on 20x16" canvas

‘Wood Cabin, (Leithen) 2’. Acrylic on 20×16″ canvas

P1250921Today’s painting, a larger version of the wood cabin at Leithen. Also a new start on yesterday’s forest painting (left). I painted over the original as it just didn’t seem to have the right feel I was looking for, it was too predictable.


I’m seeing this first Borders series as experimentation into what I want to capture about the Borders, hence the range of approaches! I think the more successful paintings are those where I’ve become more free with the paintbrush, but that requires a lot of familiarity with the subject.

There’s something quite satisfying about white-washing a painting I’m not 100% satisfied with, then starting again. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere, but I’m starting to feel a bit exhausted with all the concentration! The bigger paintings are definitely more of an effort physically.

Just one week till the exhibition launches! Details here –

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