Borders Country Day 22

'Birch Trees, Gladhope'. Mixed Media on 40x30" canvas

‘Birch Trees, Gladhope’. Mixed Media on 40×30″ canvas

Birch Trees updated. I felt it needed more contrast and texture. I think it’s pretty much finished now. I just have the largest painting on panel to complete, and I’ve started on this smaller painting…

In progress..

In progress..








Five days now until the exhibition launch at Whitespace Howe St! Four days really as the paintings must be hung in the gallery, wine ordered and so on.

Here are a few photos of the gallery, also one of composer/cellist Atzi Muramatsu contemplating paintings last year at Howe Street (he’ll be performing cello again at the launch this Friday, which I’m really looking forward to. I’ll make sure I record everything and will post it here in a week or so – all details Here)






I love painting for a living, but it’s quite a financial roller coaster – a constant boom and bust that’s pretty unpredictable. After a month-long flu and lung infection earlier this year I was diagnosed with quite severe anaemia, so the rest of this year has been all about recovering and catching up. I don’t know what I’d have done without friends and family to help out. Much love to you and a huge, heartfelt, thank you!

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