Borders Country Day 20

P1250985Getting together a body of work now, so I can see it taking shape and the general feel the exhibition will have.

I did a bit more work on ‘Wood Cabin, Leithen’ and I’m a bit happier with the reflections –

'Wood Cabin, (Leithen) 2'. Acrylic on 20x16" canvas

‘Wood Cabin, (Leithen) 2’. Acrylic on 20×16″ canvas

Today’s experimentations (I can see a nice muddy stream emerging in the bigger work and might bring that out a bit)

In progress. 40x30" canvas

In progress. 40×30″ canvas

In progress

In progress (20×16″ canvas)


Serendipitous effects in this one as it’s painted over an earlier painting (‘St Abbs’ – I wasn’t happy with the postcard view feel of it). The texture beneath created the horizontal lines at the top when lightly brushed over.

As you can see I’m painting more and typing less, I’m off to make dinner now!

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