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‘The Green Woods Free’

Below are all works that will be included in this Friday’s exhibition (details here)

The Green Woods Free

Preview Evening: Friday 17th July, 7 – 9pm (including live cello performance by composer/cellist Atzi Muramatsu)

Whitespace@25 Howe Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6TF

Exhibition continues until 23rd July (open every day 10am to 5pm)


Borders Country Series

P1250985Below are all available paintings from the Borders Series and exhibition, The Green Woods Free, which continues until the 23rd July



Borders Country Day 10

'Wood Cabin, (Leithen)'. Acrylic and varnish on 10x10" wood

‘Wood Cabin, (Leithen)’. Acrylic and varnish on 10×10″ wood

Today’s painting – a mysterious hut near Leithen, in the gardens of the equally mysterious Leithen House.

I’m very partial to cabins in the forest. They have a Hansel and Gretel magical-ness to them and there’s always the sense that someone intriguing lives there.

We drove through Leithen a while back, stopped near a river to explore and discovered Leithen House, which had beautiful natural grounds; huge ancient trees, a small river, pond and dense woodlands over a stone bridge.

No one seemd to be around except a small black & white dog who appointed himself as our guide, but eventually we spotted a gardener several hundred yards away, standing still and staring at us in a slightly hostile manner. I plucked up the courage to walk over and say hello and ask him where we were.

‘You’re not supposed to be here’ he answered tensely.

‘Oh? Why’s that?’ I asked, smiling

‘It’s private’ he hissed.

I said I didn’t know, but thanks and we strolled away. Only the black dog seemed to want us to stay so we ordered him ‘home’!, We’d seen no signs marking the place as private. (I’d definitely looked, as I have a mostly irrational fear of some aggressive owner’s rottweiler biting my hand off! ) Anyway, when I returned home I did a quick search online and discovered it was a luxury retreat hotel. I still couldn’t see what the gardener was so up-tight about mind you.

I’d love to say it was owned by a famous recluse or eccentric but the truth was quite ordinary. Nonetheless, the atmosphere inspired me!

Leithen House

Leithen House

My sister Catherine and friend Donald, dad in the background, trespassing at Leithen

My sister Catherine and friend Donald, dad in the background, trespassing at Leithen

Black&white dog and Cousin Kerr

Black&white dog and Cousin Kerr

Borders Country


‘River Tweed near Peebles 1’. Acrylic on 5×5″ wood

'River Tweed near Peebles 2'. Acrylic on 5x5" wood

‘Water Reflections (River Tweed)’. Acrylic on 5×5″ wood

The two small paintings above and right show views of the River Tweed in the Borders of Scotland, a favourite family picnic spot for as long as I can remember.

These are the very first in a new series for my 2015 project which explores the dramatic landscapes of Borders country, from Dumfries in the West to Berwick in the East.

Each month I’ll be painting  landscape and exploring the history and culture of each area, then blogging the new paintings and experiences here.


The project will take me on a journey from the West coast of Scotland then through the densely forested river valleys and hills near the ancient towns of Jedburgh, Melrose and Kelso, following the course of the River Tweed then on to the East-coast seascape, ending at Lindisfarne (Holy Island) in the English Borders.


Flaubert Gallery, St Stephen’s St, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

The paintings (on wood and canvas) will range from small to large with every size in between, and they’ll be available to buy here online, and as part of exhibitions throughout the year.  

Exhibitions for 2015 in Edinburgh include the Whitespace Gallery, Howe Street  in July, and the Flaubert Gallery in early Autumn

For the Flaubert I’ll be showing a series of twenty five 4×4 ft paintings (exclusive to the gallery) on wood panels, capturing the beautiful Borders landscape from coast to coast.

If you’re interested in buying the smaller works throughout the year, such as those below, email me at rose.strang@gmail.com and I’ll post the painting to you within the week. 5×5 inch paintings are £57 each (or two for £100). They’re ready to hang, or can be propped on a shelf.

P1210162 P1210165