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'North Berwick, Summer'. Mixed media on 18x18" wood panel. Rose Strang 2020. (NFS, Private Commission).

Finished Commission – North Berwick

Above: North Berwick, Summer. Mixed media on 18×18″ wood. Rose Strang 2020 (NFS, private commission).

I finally completed this private commission today and it will be winging its way to a new home soon!

The painting shows part of the headland past the town of North Berwick on the east coast of Scotland on a summer’s day in August.

This is one of my (and my family’s) favourite places to be. Though it’s just about thirty miles from Edinburgh, it always feels quite ‘away from it all’, the rocks are beautiful and as a kid it was heaven to play here, as an adult too!

The person who commissioned me works in a hospital, so I hope this painting is uplifting during a stressful time for folks in the NHS. Having said that, I hear that the non-Covid wards are not busy since everyone’s too scared to go into hospital for fear of either catching Covid or placing more strain on the NHS.

Below – a few photos showing some of the development of the painting. The challenge was capturing that lovely curve where sea meets land, also the dry August grass. The sea was not so much of a challenge once I’d toned down the rather too bright turquoise. You’d see bright turquoise on the west coast of Scotland but not the east coast!

The final touch was a lot of gesso splashed – it gives a sense of atmosphere and messing up a postcard-like view makes it more real – the way the eye sees in real life with peripheral vision and sun in our eyes, changing weather and so on.

It was both a challenge and a delight to paint, a big thank you to the person who commissioned this for giving me a really nice project during lockdown!


Bass Rock series day 2

'Rockpool, Daisy Island (North Berwick)'. Mixed media on 8x8" wood panel

‘Rockpool, Daisy Island (North Berwick)’. Mixed media on 8×8″ wood panel

'Berwick Law from Daisy Island'. Acrylic on 8x8" wood panel

‘Berwick Law from Daisy Island’. Acrylic on 8×8″ wood panel

'Bass Rock and Waves. Acrylic on 8x8" wood panel

‘Bass Rock and Waves. Acrylic on 8×8″ wood panel

Three finished works of the Bass Rock for the Greens and Blues gallery in North Berwick.

I had to create the obligatory Bass Rock painting, not that it’s a chore since I love the shape of the Bass Rock, but when I’m at the beach it’s the rock pools I find fascinating.

Daisy island is a tidal island so you can walk across to it at low tide, though it’s also a bird sanctuary so sometimes it’s restricted. What I wanted to capture here is the way it feels like a safe haven, even the grass is incredibly springy and soft, you can throw yourself on it without injury should that wish arise. When I was a kid I practiced somersaults and cartwheels there, and to this day I partake in a forward and backward somersault when I visit. I also find it easy to meditate there.

The lichen on these gnarly basaltic vocanic rocks is acid yellow (I used cadmium yellow straight from the tube) and in autumn the rock pool reflections have an incredible clear gold clarity. Really enjoyed painting these today!

Bass Rock

'North Berwick 1'. Acrylic on 5x5" wood

‘North Berwick 1’. Acrylic on 5×5″ wood

'North Berwick 2'. Acrylic on 5x5" wood

‘North Berwick 2’. Acrylic on 5×5″ wood

Today’s paintings – two of the Bass Rock. Number 1 is from the beach near North Berwick and number 2 is farther along the coast from Seacliff Bay


'North Berwick 1'. Acrylic on 5x5" wood

‘North Berwick 1’. Acrylic on 5×5″ wood

'North Berwick 2'. Acrylic on 5x5" wood

‘North Berwick 2’. Acrylic on 5×5″ wood