Adam and I painting on the beach. Photo by Euan Ferguson.









I felt really lucky last week to be painting in a remote and beautiful part of the west coast with three lovely people – Donald (who organised staying at the cottage, thank you!) Adam and Euan.

Our cottage was 40 minutes walk from any roads, on the Applecross Peninsula, which has I think the most stunning views of the Cuillin in Scotland.

Also no TV, and internet connection only findable if you walked up a little hill outside the cottage. The cottage itself hasn’t been much changed since the 30s, and as you can see in photos below, the walls are festooned with art from visitors over the years (one of them was a painting I made there about ten years ago, which someone had kindly put in a clip frame!)

We all painted or took photos, so I’m treating readers of this post to a few of these, below.

I was busy painting for an upcoming exhibition in October for The Lime Tree An Ealdhain Gallery in Fortwilliam. (I’ll post more details on that soon, but in the meantime you can view the paintings in progress on this link – )

It was really special to spend time with folks in such a beautiful place – the lack of distractions from TV and internet made for some highly entertaining evenings, cooking, painting, listening to music, watching sheep in the garden, but mostly interesting (at times insanely ridiculous!) conversation.

Thank you Adam, Donald and Euan, for one of the loveliest holidays I’ve ever experienced!

(From left) Donald, Adam, me, Euan. Photo Adam Brewster.

Wild conditions! Photo Donald Ferguson.

Preparing paper in the sea. Photo Adam Brewster

Adam painting watercolours. Photo Rose Strang

Adam’s lovely watercolours. Rose Strang

Etching on found slate by Donald. Photo Rose Strang

Cottage. Rose Strang

Euan, Adam and Donald (playing guitar) outside the cottage. Rose Strang

Summer dress weather. Photo Adam Brewster

Cuillin across the sea. Rose Strang

Molto romantico sunset! Photo Adam Brewster

Idyllic! Photo by Donald Ferguson



4 thoughts on “Idyllic

  1. nal do

    the dark skies, the sense of being on an ancient deserted planet spinning through cosmic spaciousness, the peace of being out of the city and the mind beginning to relax – I love the way this place reminds me of, confirms for me, a feeling I have that that this whole cosmic wonderment IS what we are – it is all *life* and all indivisible, and all ultimately one. (This concept can take the form of a religious idea or a scientific belief, it doesn’t matter to me.) The idea that all that beautiful energy of water air animals birds light and the whole eternal display of phenomena is one and the same thing as the energy that flows through me and everyone, is something I find calming.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rosestrang Post author

    Indivisible is exactly it. I think it’s why we feel more attuned in natural places, then it’s difficult to think or feel in such dualistic ways. Remember the mad car driver on the way back? After Ardban it seemed totally inexplicable! Thank you for the wonderful holiday and company!



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