50 Paintings of Eigg Series No. 23

Eigg Series No. 23. Acrylic on 5x5" wood

Eigg Series No. 23. Acrylic on 5×5″ wood

P1100887A wave from Singing Sands Bay, this time more experimental and loose, which I feel gives it more energy. I like this one!

I mentioned yesterday that music helps me paint –  which is true of all painters I know – and someone asked yesterday which music I find inspiring to paint to. It changes all the time, today’s was painted to Kate Bush’s Ariel, but here are a few that have featured many times in this year’s ‘Music to Paint to’!

Satie has a suitably meandering mood, and for that aimless feeling nothing quite hits the mark like –  Avant-dernières pensées II Aubade

Few can match Kate Bush for atmospheric mood and evocation of landscape, this is Lake Tahoe from 50 Words for Snow. (I’d love to paint that phrase in the song mid way where she calls ‘sno-o-o-wfl-a-ake’!)

Another evoker of atmosphere, is singer/songwriter Scott Matthews. Ballerina Lake is quite haunting and can trigger the right mood..


And (of course) 50 Words for Snow ! I love paintings snowscapes and I also like this amateur video, taken by someone from her porch which looks like somewhere in the wilds of Canada but I think is New Hampshire.


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