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Painting workshop on Lindisfarne


Demonstrating painting techniques on Lindisfarne this weekend. (Photo by Ros Duncan)

The landscape painting workshop on Lindisfarne this weekend was a wonderful experience, I couldn’t have wished for a better day or more enthusiastic participants!

Some feedback from participants…

Excellent tutor”    “Friendly helpful organiser”    “Wonderful location”      “Lots of tips”   “Fun!”  “An artistic challenge”  “A nice break from the day to day”   “Good teaching”   “Happy”  “Friendly”   “Generous” “Inspiring” “Enjoyable”   “Productive”   “Stimulating”   “Motivating”  “Satisfying” ”Creative”   “Informative”

A warm thank you to everyone who came along on Saturday and Sunday, for their good cheer and for throwing themselves into the challenges of painting. Most had painted in watercolours before, but for this workshop we used acrylics since they’re adaptable.

They do have their challenges though, and everyone did a fantastic job of experimP1100122enting and mastering some of the techniques I demonstrated with palette knife and fan brushes; creating highlights, atmospheric effects and building up layers to show contrast and texture.

It was a real pleasure to see the results, I think everyone captured the atmosphere of Lindisfarne beautifully – shimmering sea, cloud patterns, the vivid warm colours of the landscape in summer. I was truly impressed and delighted to see these.

(I tried to photograph all paintings and hope I’ve included most). Here they are! –

Weather on Saturday was dazzlingly sunny, also extremely windy so we had a challenge keeping everything pinned down at some points! Sunday was calm but midgy, all part of the challenge of outdoors painting. I really enjoyed chatting and offering feedback to everyone throughout the afternoon, it was lovely to see the works in progress..

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Before starting their painting for the afternoon, everyone experimented on sketch paper fixed to a large board , with some great results…


You can see the effects of drybrush, sand mixed with paint, rain effects – and sea shimmer, lovely stuff!

Ros Duncan and I are really keen to continue offering these free workshops and I’ll be posting more info here when we’ve confirmed new dates and times.

Idylic view from my bedroom window in College Valley, Northumbria

Idylic view from my bedroom window in College Valley, Northumbria

A huge thank you to the Peregrini Landscape Trust and to Ros, for making these workshops happen , also for Ros’s warm hospitality over the weekend – I had a wonderful time discovering more of Northumbria, and look forward to return visits in the near future!


If you’d like to participate in future workshops, contact Ros Duncan (Community Engagement & Heritage Education Officer of the Peregrini Landscape Trust) at – ros.duncan@northumberland.gov.uk

And lastly, a few more photos below from this weekend; a spontaneous Tai Gong demonstration! and the beautiful landscape of Lindisfarne…









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