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It’s been a couple of weeks since the Lindisfarne outdoors landscape painting workshop and it was lovely to receive feedback today that Ros Duncan of the Peregrini Landscape Partnership collected from the participants…

Excellent tutor”    “Friendly helpful organiser”    “Wonderful location”      “Lots of tips”   “Fun!”  “ An artistic challenge”  “A nice break from the day to day”   “Good teaching”   “Happy”   “Friendly”   “Generous” “Inspiring” “Enjoyable”   “Productive”   “Stimulating”   “Motivating”   “Satisfying” ”Creative”   “Informative”

There was some feedback about the quality of paper provided being not so great, and the momentary confusion at the start of the day when we couldn’t find everyone in the car park! But those are very resolvable issues, so overall it’s been a great success.

13658962_1279379745405600_714112986053294461_nI’m really touched that folks enjoyed the weekend. It’s all thanks to Ros Duncan of the Peregrini Landscape Partnership, who came up with the idea of painting workshops a few months ago and has been one of the most positive, organised, fun and helpful people I’ve worked with in all my years in the arts!


Ros is also planning an exhibition of the paintings on Lindisfarne, so I look forward to that, as well as running more workshops in future (I’ll post any updates here).

In the meantime, plans for the Hebridean trip which starts on the 16th September are gathering pace, and I’ll soon post interviews of fellow collaborators – author Louise Palfreyman and cellist/compser Atzi Muramatsu. I can’t wait to start our journey!

Here’s one of the places we’ll be staying on Skye, in the amusingly named ‘luxury cowshed pods’ 🙂


Painting workshop on Lindisfarne


Demonstrating painting techniques on Lindisfarne this weekend. (Photo by Ros Duncan)

The landscape painting workshop on Lindisfarne this weekend was a wonderful experience, I couldn’t have wished for a better day or more enthusiastic participants!

Some feedback from participants…

Excellent tutor”    “Friendly helpful organiser”    “Wonderful location”      “Lots of tips”   “Fun!”  “An artistic challenge”  “A nice break from the day to day”   “Good teaching”   “Happy”  “Friendly”   “Generous” “Inspiring” “Enjoyable”   “Productive”   “Stimulating”   “Motivating”  “Satisfying” ”Creative”   “Informative”

A warm thank you to everyone who came along on Saturday and Sunday, for their good cheer and for throwing themselves into the challenges of painting. Most had painted in watercolours before, but for this workshop we used acrylics since they’re adaptable.

They do have their challenges though, and everyone did a fantastic job of experimP1100122enting and mastering some of the techniques I demonstrated with palette knife and fan brushes; creating highlights, atmospheric effects and building up layers to show contrast and texture.

It was a real pleasure to see the results, I think everyone captured the atmosphere of Lindisfarne beautifully – shimmering sea, cloud patterns, the vivid warm colours of the landscape in summer. I was truly impressed and delighted to see these.

(I tried to photograph all paintings and hope I’ve included most). Here they are! –

Weather on Saturday was dazzlingly sunny, also extremely windy so we had a challenge keeping everything pinned down at some points! Sunday was calm but midgy, all part of the challenge of outdoors painting. I really enjoyed chatting and offering feedback to everyone throughout the afternoon, it was lovely to see the works in progress..

13925750_1175063979231104_1326192012714953625_o P1100101 13975295_1175064015897767_4633829433804700883_o13919997_1175062962564539_5100905536246418782_o





Before starting their painting for the afternoon, everyone experimented on sketch paper fixed to a large board , with some great results…


You can see the effects of drybrush, sand mixed with paint, rain effects – and sea shimmer, lovely stuff!

Ros Duncan and I are really keen to continue offering these free workshops and I’ll be posting more info here when we’ve confirmed new dates and times.

Idylic view from my bedroom window in College Valley, Northumbria

Idylic view from my bedroom window in College Valley, Northumbria

A huge thank you to the Peregrini Landscape Trust and to Ros, for making these workshops happen , also for Ros’s warm hospitality over the weekend – I had a wonderful time discovering more of Northumbria, and look forward to return visits in the near future!


If you’d like to participate in future workshops, contact Ros Duncan (Community Engagement & Heritage Education Officer of the Peregrini Landscape Trust) at – ros.duncan@northumberland.gov.uk

And lastly, a few more photos below from this weekend; a spontaneous Tai Gong demonstration! and the beautiful landscape of Lindisfarne…









P1100094 P1100112 P1100107











Landscape painting workshop on Lindisfarne

P1160054I’m very happy to announce the times and dates for the landscape painting workshop I’ll be running next month on the beautiful Isle of Lindisfarne! (all details below).

If you are interested in the workshop (it’s free!) and would like to book, please contact Ros Duncan at ros.duncan@northumberland.gov.uk

Ros is the Community Engagement & Heritage Officer for the Peregrini Landscape Partnership which exists to protect, restore and enhance the Holy Isle of Lindisfarne through community, voluntary and public sector organisations. (This workshop is funded by the Peregrini Landscape Partnership)

*Please take note of safe times listed below to cross to the island on Sat 13th and Sun 14th!

Here are all details of the workshop as provided by Ros Duncan:




The work will be inspired by our wonderful landscape and we want you to leave us with YOUR landscape legacy

(The workshops, on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th August, will take place at the Lookout Tower on Holy Island, depicted so beautifully below in Rose’s painting)

This is a free workshop

To book your place for either or for both days, please contact Ros Duncan


NB: Workshops will begin at approximately 9.30 on Saturday and 10.30 on Sunday and will be on the island during a closed tide until mid afternoon)

Saturday 13th   Safe to cross until 09:45         Safe to cross 13:15 until 22:10

Sunday 14th      Safe to cross until 10:55         Safe to cross 14:40 until 23:10

Peregrini Lindisfarne Landscape Partnership

Drawing and painting workshop led by artist Rose Strang

Lindisfarne 13th and 14th August 2016

Saturday 9:30 until 4:00, (lunch break 12:30 to 1:30pm)

Sunday 10.30 until 4:00 (lunch break 12:30 to 1:30pm)

This one‐day outdoor drawing and painting class is open to people at all levels of experience.

 After an introductory talk and demonstration on drawing and painting tips and techniques, Rose will continue to offer individual feedback and guidance throughout the day to each participant. Don’t worry if you have no prior experience, this is an informal, encouraging workshop – and a great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lindisfarne!

The workshop location is ‘The Heugh’ the small hill at the south end of the island with excellent views in all directions. The Lookout Tower on the Heugh will offer shelter from rain if necessary.

 Sketchbooks, pencils, brushes, acrylic paints and stretched canvas will be provided. Participants may bring their own drawing or painting materials if they prefer (However, oil paints are not recommended for beginners since they require experience and take a long time to dry).

Please wear warm, rain proof clothes and comfortable shoes or trainers.

Please note that the track up the Heugh may be muddy and is uneven.

There are public benches at this location and we will also provide a few folding chairs.

Meet at Holy Island Car Park at

9:30 am on Saturday 13th and at

10:30 am on Sunday 14th August.

The painting venue is a walk of approximately 15 minutes from the car park. (You will have to pay the full day car park fee which is £4.40. Unfortunately this cannot be reimbursed).


Introductory talk and demonstration of drawing techniques and tips

Experimentation with paints

 Creating a series of quick sketches of the surrounding views

Selecting a view to focus on for the afternoon’s painting


Lastly, here are some of my paintings of Lindisfarne from 2014/15..

Painting on Lindisfarne…

DSCF1047Yesterday I was at Lindisfarne to meet Ros Duncan of the Peregrini Landscape Partnership to talk about a painting workshop for the public in August this year.

We’ve had a few chats on the phone so it was lovely to meet Ros in person. We were teeming with ideas for various projects as it’s such an inspiring island, but for the moment the focus is on the workshop!

12805677_10154547257702788_2875325447151154776_nWe wandered around Lindisfarne looking for suitable painting vantage points and Ros suggested a little hill in the south of the island called the Heugh as the perfect spot for people to draw and paint. It has spectacular views around the island and it was a beautiful day yesterday as you can see from photos these photos from the Heugh…

DSCF1074 DSCF1073 DSCF1054



DSCF1075 DSCF1044 DSCF1070





The Heugh has  the added advantage of benches to sit on, also the lookout tower and walls for shelter in case of wild weather (though August should be quite mild).

From there you can see Lindisfarne Castle in the east, Bamburgh Castle in the distance across the sea, the nearby ruins of Lindisfarne Priory and, down below on the shore, St Cuthbert’s Island. You can’t fail to be inspired by it – I painted Stormy Sky (below) in October 2014 looking out to St Cuthberts Island. The light is incredible, ever changing with that crisp luminous clarity of east coast light.

'Stormy Sky, Lindisfarne'. Mixed media on 20x16" canvas

‘Stormy Sky, Lindisfarne’. Mixed media on 20×16″ canvas

By the end of April we’ll have more details about the workshop, so if you fancy a day there drawing and painting, feel free to email Ros Duncan (Community Engagement & Heritage Education Office, Peregrini Landscape Partnership) for more details in May – ros.duncan@northumberland.gov.uk


Thanks again to Ros Duncan for a most productive and enjoyable day, and to Donald Ferguson for photos, the drive there and excellent sandwiches!

12814751_10154547260342788_366879056865593408_nDSCF1060 943978_10154547252872788_1374959058021442828_n

Lindisfarne projects

'Lindisfarne Series No. 1'. Acrylic on 5x5" wood

‘Lindisfarne Series No. 1’. Acrylic on 5×5″ wood

Recently I’ve been talking with the Peregrini Landscape Partnership, which works with the Northumberland Trust to protect and conserve wildlife. I’ll be offering a day’s workshop in painting at some point this year for the Peregrini project, in response to the Isle of Lindisfarne in Northumbria, so let me know if that’s of interest to you.

The workshop will include some practical drawing techniques before we head out into the landscape to paint. It should be fun as I encourage a loose, experimental approach (so-called mistakes aren’t possible, to my mind it’s all part of the process!)

Last year I offered the The Berwickshire and North Northumberland Coast European Marine Site 25% of proceeds from prints of my paintings of Lindisfarne, and you can view or buy mounted prints of those on this link –

Buy Prints for Charities.

The series includes prints of the Isle of Eigg, the Borders and the Bass Rock, with each print donating 25% to a conservation trust related to the landscape painted.

I’m still working on my ‘Blue’ series, but my studio windows are being fixed so I’ve been a bit thwarted as far as painting goes in the past few days!

Support Marine Sites in Lindisfarne

'Lindisfarne Series No. 3'. Acrylic on 5x5" wood

‘Lindisfarne Series No. 3’. Acrylic on 5×5″ wood

I’m very pleased to introduce the new Lindisfarne prints series!

These are giclee prints from my original paintings of Lindisfarne. I am donating 25% of sales proceeds from these prints to the The Berwickshire and North Northumberland Coast European Marine Site

You can view and buy the print series on this link: ‘Prints for charity’



The paintings were created in October 2014, and I remember being mesmerised by the moody changing light of autumn – watching the sky change from silver to black then blue, flocks of birds rising in clouds then speeding along the wave tops.

Bay, by Gavin Duthie

Bay, by Gavin Duthie

The Berwickshire and North Northumberland Coast European Marine Site extends along 115km of coastline from Alnmouth in Northumberland up to Fast Castle Head in Scotland, covering the Holy Island of Lindisfarne and the Farne Islands. It protects some of the most significant marine and coastal habitats in Europe, including rocky reefs and swaying kelp forests, deep sea caves, intertidal sand and mud flats and large bays.

Grey Seal, Farne Islands

Grey Seal, Farne Islands

These special places support an abundance of marine life, such as grey seal, sea birds, and a rich assemblage of plants and animals on the reefs and beneath the soft sediments. The area also supports visiting whales and dolphins.

Funds will contribute towards furthering the conservation objectives of this special marine site.

Many thanks to Claire Hedley (Implementation Officer for the Marine Site) for joining the project. I hope the prints help support the floral and fauna of this beautiful area of coastline!

Click on ‘Buy charity prints’ to view the art prints series, which also includes the Isle of Eigg and The Bass Rock.

Castle Point, Lindisfarne

Yesterday I posted the video of Jennifer L William’s wonderful poetry response to ‘Stormy Sky’ Lindisfarne,which you can view on this link: https://rosestrangartworks.wordpress.com/2014/11/09/when-you-write-to-the-light/

And as promised here is the second poem in response to ‘Castle Point, Lindisfarne’..

I’m also very delighted that Atzi Muramatsu has agreed to perform live at the Lindisfarne exhibition next weekend (Saturday 22nd) at the Marchmont Gallery Edinburgh. I absolutely love Jennifer’s and Atzi’s creative work, and it’s always a great pleasure to work with them.

The Marchmont Gallery have created a Facebook Event page for the exhibition, which you can view here Lindisfarne exhibition facebook event

In a few days I’ll update information about the Eigg Island project.

‘When you write to the light..’

I’m very pleased to introduce you to  Jennifer L William’s response in poetry to one of my recent Lindisfarne paintings.

In this video she recites a poem in response to ‘Stormy Sky, Lindisfarne’..

It always feels magical to me when Jennifer plucks poetic inspiration from a painting, and draws viewers in to the meaning behind the image.

This is Jennifer’s personal response, but as with previous poems it gets to the heart of what I wanted to paint and communicate. In an earlier blog I spoke about the process of visiting an island like Eigg or Lindisfarne, as a painter. There’s a wish to be more present, or to see beyond the obvious, I described it in an earlier post as peeling back layers.

Jennifer’s poem takes this further, and expresses in words what I try to explore in paint. This line from her poem; When you write to the light, you write beyond the grave expresses to me the idea that we can only perceive with our limited human senses, and in the process of responding as a painter, or poet, you hope to see beyond your own thoughts, beyond a mirror.

The final line; you are the light could be read in a spiritual sense, or in the sense that we are the light, we make landscape what it is, or project our thoughts on to it. It makes me think of Shelley’s poem Mont Blanc;

..and what were thou, and earth, and stars and sea, if to the human mind’s imaginings, silence and solitude were vacancy?

Contemplating Jennifer’s poem has been a pleasure (especially on these dark winter evenings!). Tomorrow I’ll post a second poem and video, in response to the recent painting ‘Castle Point, Lindisfarne’.

Jennifer L William’s poetry can be viewed on this website: http://jlwilliamspoetry.co.uk/