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It’s been a couple of weeks since the Lindisfarne outdoors landscape painting workshop and it was lovely to receive feedback today that Ros Duncan of the Peregrini Landscape Partnership collected from the participants…

Excellent tutor”    “Friendly helpful organiser”    “Wonderful location”      “Lots of tips”   “Fun!”  “ An artistic challenge”  “A nice break from the day to day”   “Good teaching”   “Happy”   “Friendly”   “Generous” “Inspiring” “Enjoyable”   “Productive”   “Stimulating”   “Motivating”   “Satisfying” ”Creative”   “Informative”

There was some feedback about the quality of paper provided being not so great, and the momentary confusion at the start of the day when we couldn’t find everyone in the car park! But those are very resolvable issues, so overall it’s been a great success.

13658962_1279379745405600_714112986053294461_nI’m really touched that folks enjoyed the weekend. It’s all thanks to Ros Duncan of the Peregrini Landscape Partnership, who came up with the idea of painting workshops a few months ago and has been one of the most positive, organised, fun and helpful people I’ve worked with in all my years in the arts!


Ros is also planning an exhibition of the paintings on Lindisfarne, so I look forward to that, as well as running more workshops in future (I’ll post any updates here).

In the meantime, plans for the Hebridean trip which starts on the 16th September are gathering pace, and I’ll soon post interviews of fellow collaborators – author Louise Palfreyman and cellist/compser Atzi Muramatsu. I can’t wait to start our journey!

Here’s one of the places we’ll be staying on Skye, in the amusingly named ‘luxury cowshed pods’ 🙂


Learn to paint on Lindisfarne..

Lindisfarne_castle_at_sunset,_boats_at_low_tideJust two weeks now until my landscape painting workshop begins!

I’ll be running this workshop on the 13th and 14th August, there will be loads of tips, encouragement and feedback for beginners. You’ll definitely emerge from this having learned a lot about painting landscape, from selecting a view, composition, line-work, sketching, capturing tone and light, colour, texture and more…

These workshops are provided by the Peregrini Lindisfarne Landscape Partnership Trust, completely free (materials also provided). To book your place for either or for both days, please contact Ros Duncan – ros.duncan@northumberland.gov.uk

More info on the workshops Here

Other news; I’m currently planning my Hebridean creative adventure with author/poet Louise Palfreyman and (of course!) composer/cellist Atzi Muramatsu.

More on that tomorrow…

Painting on Lindisfarne…

DSCF1047Yesterday I was at Lindisfarne to meet Ros Duncan of the Peregrini Landscape Partnership to talk about a painting workshop for the public in August this year.

We’ve had a few chats on the phone so it was lovely to meet Ros in person. We were teeming with ideas for various projects as it’s such an inspiring island, but for the moment the focus is on the workshop!

12805677_10154547257702788_2875325447151154776_nWe wandered around Lindisfarne looking for suitable painting vantage points and Ros suggested a little hill in the south of the island called the Heugh as the perfect spot for people to draw and paint. It has spectacular views around the island and it was a beautiful day yesterday as you can see from photos these photos from the Heugh…

DSCF1074 DSCF1073 DSCF1054



DSCF1075 DSCF1044 DSCF1070





The Heugh has  the added advantage of benches to sit on, also the lookout tower and walls for shelter in case of wild weather (though August should be quite mild).

From there you can see Lindisfarne Castle in the east, Bamburgh Castle in the distance across the sea, the nearby ruins of Lindisfarne Priory and, down below on the shore, St Cuthbert’s Island. You can’t fail to be inspired by it – I painted Stormy Sky (below) in October 2014 looking out to St Cuthberts Island. The light is incredible, ever changing with that crisp luminous clarity of east coast light.

'Stormy Sky, Lindisfarne'. Mixed media on 20x16" canvas

‘Stormy Sky, Lindisfarne’. Mixed media on 20×16″ canvas

By the end of April we’ll have more details about the workshop, so if you fancy a day there drawing and painting, feel free to email Ros Duncan (Community Engagement & Heritage Education Office, Peregrini Landscape Partnership) for more details in May – ros.duncan@northumberland.gov.uk


Thanks again to Ros Duncan for a most productive and enjoyable day, and to Donald Ferguson for photos, the drive there and excellent sandwiches!

12814751_10154547260342788_366879056865593408_nDSCF1060 943978_10154547252872788_1374959058021442828_n