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Blue series day 8


'Nocturnes 5'. Mixed media on 20x16" canvas

‘Nocturnes 5’. Mixed media on 20×16″ canvas

P1300755 P1300756





More experimentation with the volcano inspired painting today, using acrylic, black dylon dye pigment, ground charcoal, salt and varnish. I’ve decided to call this series ‘Nocturnes’ as they’re not strictly speaking blue.

I’m off now for a walk up Edinburgh’s extinct volcano since it’s unusually sunny today

Blue series day 7

Blue 5. Mixed media on 20x16" canvas

Blue 5. Mixed media on 20×16″ canvas

P1300686Today’s painting was part inspired by fireworks at new year, but then developed after seeing a video of the eruption of Sakurajima volcano in Japan.

A few months ago I spent a few weeks filling in funding applications for a creative residency in Japan with composer Atzi Muramatsu. We had no luck though, which is mostly the case for artist’s applications for public funding – the competition is intense at the best of times – particularly at the moment.

Anyway, Atzi sent a video showing a recent eruption on Sakurajima that we’d have seen had we been there. Ah well, I can paint it! The interesting thing is that the composiiton I’d made of fireworks at new year looked so similar to the erupting volcano. This was the original sketch/painting (below)

P1300677I added watery gesso, black pigment and salt then baked it in the oven for half an hour. I’m really enjoying working with black pigment, actually dylon powdered dye for clothes – an excellent idea suggested by my friend Donald when I described the texture I was looking for and depth of black/blue. Here’s a close-up showing the grainy/inky effect..



Blue series day 6

'Old Books, Gosford House'. Mixed media on 20x16" canvas

‘Old Books, Gosford House’. Mixed media on 20×16″ canvas

'Blue 3'. Mixed media on 20x16" canvas

‘Blue 3’. Mixed media on 20×16″ canvas

'Blue 4'. Mixed media on 20x16" canvas

‘Blue 4’. Mixed media on 20×16″ canvas

I finally managed to get around to more work on the paintings above today after myriad interruptions and a cold!

I’ve added more detail to Blue 3 after Atzi (the composer I’m collaborating with) commented that the lights reminded him of a ship. I didn’t want it to take too much away from the abstract areas, and hopefully it suggests ship lights without losing spontaneity. Blue 4 has been enhanced simply with colour and I think I’m happy with it now.

Old Books, Gosford House was worked on from photos and sketches taken while visiting the house, which is in Longniddry on the east lothian coast. The house itself is well conserved but I found these abandoned books alongside piles of broken sculptures in a semi ruined building that was probably part of the original stables. It has nothing to do with the more abstract blue/black paintings, but it’s one I’ve been meaning to work on for a few months, and it’s a nice change of colour to work with!

Blue series day 5

'Blue 3'. Mixed media on 20x16" canvas

‘Blue 3’. Mixed media on 20×16″ canvas

'Blue 2'. Mixed media on 20x16" canvas

‘Blue 2’. Mixed media on 20×16″ canvas

'Blue 4'. Mixed media on 20x16" canvas

‘Blue 4’. Mixed media on 20×16″ canvas

These are the latest versions of the blue series (Number 2 is finished). The rest are still in progress and I’m now collaborating with composer/cellist Atzi Muramatsu on the series. We’ll be responding to each other’s creative progress which will feed into the final results of paintings and music. As always I’ll post results of our work here via video and images.

It’s a pleasure as always to work with Atzi, who collaborates across many art forms including dance – we’re buzzing with ideas at the moment! You can view/hear Atzi’s work Here and Here

Also, this video shows our most recent small collaboration..




Blue series day 3

blue series 1 Blue series 2 blue series 3 blue series 4

Playing around with texture, colour etc, with a mix of acrylic, salt, black dylon, marble dust, Prussian blue, varnish, Indian ink and anything else that’s available. These are all still on 20×16 inch canvas, some painted over previous paintings I didn’t finish or wasn’t satisfied with. I’m no closer to going on to bigger canvas so these are ideas in progress.

The light was fading so these aren’t quite focussed.