Snowscapes – setting up

P1290652I’m just beginning to set up Snowscapes. That little table in the photo above should be the perfect place to sit and enjoy a glass of mulled wine while contemplating paintings!

My friend had the ingenious idea of making mulled wine in a slow cooker (in the gallery space) and I’m perfecting a recipe of a basic wine and spices syrup that can be added to each new batch of wine.

Below are a few of the paintings, one is new, and some have been worked on a bit more..

The exhibition opens tomorrow 8th Dec’ at 12 noon. It’s on the 8th, 9th and 10th, 12 noon to 8pm daily. At Gayfield Creative Spaces in Gayfield Square Edinburgh. I’ll be serving mulled wine every evening from 6pm

Also, I’m really delighted that Atzi Muramatsu will be creating a cello piece in response to the trilogy below. I’ll be making a short video of music/images and will post it here as soon as I’ve edited it in the next day or so.

P1290635 P1290637 P1290639


























4 thoughts on “Snowscapes – setting up

  1. Karen Pickin

    Hello Rose

    I do love your snowscapes. In fact, I love your work and your blogs. I realise they are to be exhibited. Are any for sale? Maybe a silly question but just wondering if they are all for sale at exhibitions or whether any can be bought online.

    Kind regards


    Sent from my iPad



    1. rosestrang Post author

      Hi Karen, not a silly question at all! 🙂 these will sell at exhibition, but you can also request to buy them if you can’t go to the exhibition. I’ll send you an email just now with details, Best Regards, Rose



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