Prints for Charity Project


Calum MacDonald at Giclee, checking print proofs

We’re nearly there with the prints for charity project!

25% of proceeds will go towards to a charity related to each landscape.

For example, if you buy an art print of Eigg, 25% of your money will go to the Eigg Island Heritage Trust.

Or if the print is of my recent Bass Rock series, proceeds will go towards the Scottish Seabrid Centre in North Berwick.

It’s taken a wee while to get going, but I’ve been very encouraged by the interest from people and charities. Recently the SNP MP for Berwickshire, Roxborough and Selkirk, Calum Kerr, agreed to help promote the project on his social media sites, which is just wonderful!

I’ll be selecting five of my Borders Paintings, then Calum Kerr will post a link asking people from the Borders to suggest charities that could benefit from the project. It should help to raise interest, and I love the fact that everyone benefits from it – the charities which support the landscapes I’ve painted, my own arts business and my favourite printers, Giclee UK

I was at GP1280832iclee UK today checking proofs, and I took some photos of the printing equipment (below)  – these are state-of-the-art giclee printing machines which produce high quality prints that look almost like the painting (giclee means ‘spray’ in French, and refers to the fine ink-jet spray technique).

P1280829 As of next week, these prints will be available on the ‘Buy Prints’ option on this website.

The print images will be 5×5 inches with signed/titled/dated border in a 9×10 inch window mount, with card backing, info about the print and the charity it benefits. The price will be £28.


Just for interest I made up some samples today (the final versions will be mounted by the experts at Giclee!) …

P1280833The series (to include the Borders, Isle of Eigg, Bass Rock and Lindisfarne) should be ready to buy on this site by Wednesday next week.


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