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Limited edition print sale – Cockenzie

‘Cockenzie Power Station, 26th September 2015′. Mixed media on 17×11″ wood panel (Original £400, sold. Ltd Ed’ print £65)

There are 18 prints still available (from a limited edition of 25) of the above painting Cockenzie Power Station, September 26th 2015 with 10% off.

This painting was created to mark the demolition of Cockenzie Power Station. Its chimneys were a familiar landmark on the south east coast of Scotland and hundreds of people lined up along the coast to watch it come down.

I took a video of the demolition (which you can view at the end of this post) and some sketches, then made the painting on a piece of 17×11 inch wood. The painting went on to sell at the preview of the Royal Scottish Academy Open, and was featured in the Times review of the show (by author and art critic Giles Sutherland).

I had the painting professionally scanned by Giclee UK and made into a limited edition of 25 signed, dated prints. I then offered the series exclusively to the (now closed)  Peter Potter Gallery in Haddington (near Cockenzie), and three sold there, but despite the gallery’s best efforts it was forced to close last year. A real shame as it showed excellent work from local and international artists.

Anyway, this means I still have 18 prints left (two are kept aside for my own archives and I sold a couple more direct to buyers). They’re 17×11″ with a white surround on archive quality fine art paper using acid resistant (non-fade) ink. I’ve taken off about 10% of the original cost (they sold for £72 each at the Peter Potter Gallery)

If you’d like to buy one you can contact me on rose.strang@gmail.com, or from the ‘Contact’ page from the menu above.


Gallery closed

Peter Potter 0021_591632228.jpg[ToFit1200x800]I was very sorry to hear that the Peter Potter Gallery in Haddington had to close because of discontinued funding, yet another indication of how galleries and businesses are being affected due to council cuts..

'Cockenzie Power Station, 26th September 2015'. Mixed media on 17x11" wood panel

‘Cockenzie Power Station, 26th September 2015’. Mixed media on 17×11″ wood panel

My limited edition set of prints ‘Cockenzie Power Station’ were exclusively on sale here (I chose the gallery as it’s close to Cockenzie) so today I dropped in to pick up the remaining prints and I’ll be looking for a new gallery to sell them from. (The original sold at the Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition in 2015/16).

It seems a real shame though, that this beautiful town now lacks a gallery. It was small but respected, regularly showing renowned artists across many contemporary forms and it’s been there for decades, situated at the end of 16th century Nungate Bridge.

(Below, my photo from today, and  a painting from 1901 by William Darling McKay). Haddington has a long and fascinating history, as do many Borders towns; this was where King Henry VIII attacked the local cathedral because Scotland refused to agree the marriage between his son Edward and Mary of Guise (Mother of Mary Queen of Scots).

20160807_145606 2012AA03442I hope the gallery will find a way to continue in one form or another once the practicalities of closing down and clearing the gallery have been sorted out. I wish it the best of luck.


Peter Potter Gallery open day

shapeimage_3The Peter Potter Gallery is holding an open day this weekend.

'Cockenzie Power Station, 26th September 2015'. Mixed media on 17x11" wood panel

‘Cockenzie Power Station, 26th September 2015’

I have a series of limited edition prints of ‘Cockenzie Power Station’ currently on sale there, and there are some beautiful works by well known Scottish artists such as Moyna Flanigan, David Faithful and a range of contemporary landscape paintings and prints, also ceramics.

I’ll be dropping in on Saturday to have a look, also as there will be free coffee, tea and cake!


Cockenzie Power Station Limited edition print series

'Cockenzie Power Station, 26th September 2015'. Mixed media on 17x11" wood panel

‘Cockenzie Power Station, 26th September 2015’. Mixed media on 17×11″ wood panel

As mentioned a few weeks ago, limited edition prints of Cockenzie Power Station, 26th September 2015 will be available at the Peter Potter Gallery in Haddington.

They’re in a limited edition of 25 Giclee prints at 17×11 inches (signed, dated, numbered and titled by hand)

These are now on display in the gallery which is near Lungate Bridge, Haddington at number 10, the Sands. There’s a lovely cafe in the gallery with views of the bridge. The current exhibition by Alan Knox explores ‘the debatable land’ and the history of the Borders country.

RSA Open Exhibition

'Cockenzie Power Station, 26th September 2015'. Mixed media on 17x11" wood panel

‘Cockenzie Power Station, 26th September 2015’. Mixed media on 17×11″ wood panel

Well, what a lovely surprise! I’ve been accepted for the RSA Open Exhibition for ‘Cockenzie Power Station’, above.

I’m delighted, and surprised because I’ve been shortlisted for the SSA (Society of Scottish Artists) exhibition a couple of times, and was also shortlisted for the RSA, so didn’t expect to be accepted for that. The preview night on the 27th November is my Birthday – what a nice present!

Here’s info and website…

Website: Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition 2015

The RSA Open Exhibition has a long history of celebrating the best of contemporary practice. After having been part of the RSA Annual Exhibition for over 180 years, it now enjoys its own slot in the RSA Calendar. Drawing from artists across the whole of Scotland and beyond, this exhibition showcases around 400 works annually and features a wide range of small and medium sized works (max. 80cm in any direction) selected through open submission including paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints and photographs.

Please note that this year the RSA Open Exhibition will be spread over two floors in the RSA Upper and Lower Galleries. It will share the upper galleries with the ESSA exhibitions (Exhibiting Societies of Scottish Artists) and will be open throughout the duration of those shows.

Free Entry

Inspired by..

'Waves in the Rain, Singing Sands Bay'. Acrylic and ink on 40x30" canvas

‘Waves in the Rain, Singing Sands Bay’. Acrylic and ink on 40×30″ canvas

Nice news today that I’ve been included in Saatchi’s ‘Inspired by Impressionism..’ series.

I’m not actually particularly inspired by Impressionism, but last year one of my paintings (‘Waves in the Rain, Singing Sands Bay’, above) was compared to Gustave Courbet by the Curator of French Art at the National Gallery of Scotland. I was very touched by that, and she followed up those kind remarks by buying the painting too, I was thrilled!

This is Courbet’s ‘La Vague’ (the wave). I honestly wasn’t thinking of Courbet at all when I painted my waves, but I actually do see what she meant in a way – the energy I think. Courbet was a messy painter, as I tend to be too especially with larger works.

And since I’m blowing my own trumpet today (somebody has to!) other good news is that ‘Cockenzie Power Station’ was pre-selected for the RSA (Royal Scottish Academy) Open 2015.

'Cockenzie Power Station, 26th September 2015'. Mixed media on 17x11" wood panel

‘Cockenzie Power Station, 26th September 2015’. Mixed media on 17×11″ wood panel

Thanks to the RSA and Saatchi, I must say it’s given me a wee glow today!


Cockenzie Day 5

'Cockenzie Power Station, 26th September 2016'. Mixed media on 17x11" wood panel

‘Cockenzie Power Station, 26th September 2016’. Mixed media on 17×11″ wood panel

Today’s version of Cockenzie Power Station. I’m a bit more happy with this, but the light’s fading so it’s hard to tell. Tomorrow’s the last day I have time to paint for a while, so I think it’s almost there, it had better be!

I was sorry to miss the Demarco European Art Foundation’s exhibition of Romanian Artists yesterday. Romania commemorates the holocaust on the 8th October and yesterday was the preview evening of the Romanian artists Richard Demarco has worked with over the decades.

The exhibition is still on at Summerhall in Edinburgh, so drop in if you’re nearby. I hope to see it in the next few days. There is sure to be fascinating work there, often by artists responding to Romania’s often troubled history from past to present, including Neagu, Horia Bernea and Ion Bitan. It’s an inspiration to see the Demarco Foundation’s continuing committment to presenting the work of artists across Europe.

You can view more info about the exhibition Here

Yesterday was also my mum’s birthday and the day an asteroid ‘SKIMMED’ (Daily Express 🙂 ) past the earth at 45, 000 miles ph, missing us by a mere 25 million miles!

Cockenzie paintings

P1280702 P1280699 P1280705








Starting to experiment with the Cockenzie paintings, marking into wet gesso/marble dust. I’m going to wait for this to dry and scratch into dry paint then scrape back some of the edges. I’m really enjoying the subtle greys and minimal work, so I’m going to keep these very simple.


I’m also working on a River Tweed painting for my mum’s upcoming birthday. Again scratching into paint, this time green/black to white below, though at this stage I’m just marking it out. The figures, which are a bit vague at the moment, are my niece and her friends swimming; this was just after they’d all finished their exams and were in relaxed celebratory mood! This painting will take a lot more work – lots of detail and layers of varnish to get the lovely deep reflections on water…




New works

P1280696I’m just laying down the base colour on these 17×11 inch wood panels for two new paintings I’m creating, inspired by the moody seascapes and atmosphere of the east coast. I watched Cockenzie Power station being demolished last weekend and I wanted to express ideas of change and impermanency.

The dark background is because I’ll be layering over subtle mid-grey tones mixed with gesso and marble dust, then scratching through the top layer to create forms and lines. At least, that’s the plan! Things always change in process.

These should be finished by the end of next week, then I’ll be submitting them for the RSA in Edinburgh


Cockenzie Power Station

Today I took a quick trip along the coast to watch Cockenzie Power Station being demolished. Lots of people lined the shore with cameras at the ready, I just had my little hand held camera, but caught the demolition just as it happened..

I also sketched and took some photos of the power station before it blew up, and I love the strange gloomy light and reflections, so I’ll be painting this subject next week to mark this historic occassion!

Here are a few photos from the shore. It’ll be strange not to see this on the skyline…

P1280587 P1280598 P1280602