Colony of Artists

‘Wells of Arthur’s Seat, Stream’ Mixed media on 10 x 10 inch wood panel. Rose Strang 2018 £180

The Colony of Artists is an eclectic group of exhibitions that occurs each year in Edinburgh’s Abbeyhill, which includes open-house exhibitions and arts organisations local to the area.

Alan Spence and his wife Janini have kindly offered to show my paintings in their book shop – the Citadel – on Montrose Terrace, as part of the exhibition. So if you’re planning to drop by the Abbeyhill area to explore the Colony of Artists, I hope you’ll drop by the Citadel to see the paintings and browse their excellent book collection! (address on map below)

The Colony of Artists runs from the 22nd to 23rd September, 12 to 6pm





The works on display are those from my ‘Wells of Arthur’s Seat’ series, which can all be viewed on this link (scroll down to paintings) .. Wells of Arthur’s Seat


The works

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