Exhibition at Summerhall

One of the works by Terry Newman at the ‘Homage to Beuys’ exhibition, Summerhall (till the 30th September)

I missed several arts events at this year’s Edinburgh Festival while up north, but one exhibition I’m very glad to have attended is Homage to Beuys, featuring work by artists Terry Newman and her daughter Sarah Waters.

Terry Newman and Sarah Waters (photo Fernanda Zei)

I recently attended the preview, presented by Richard Demarco at Summerhall in Edinburgh, which was inspired by the work of Joseph Beuys, whose creative approach crossed many disciplines including art, nature, ecology, science and healing, – an approach which changed the context in which art is normally shown or perceived.

During his presentation of the exhibition Richard emphasised Terry and Sarah’s background as sheep farmers, and the fact that this informed their work as artists in an entirely different context from an art world that is, in so many ways, detached from the context of art creation.

Beuys’ influence is clear in the beautiful lines and expressive, though minimal, approach of Terry Newman’s work, also thematically – in the focus on nature, spirituality, death, survival and the presence or essence of life.








Terry’s daughter Sarah Waters (with whom Terry managed the sheep farm) works in felt, as did Beuys. For Beuys, the material of felt represented sustenance and healing, his work also referenced history, mythology and the way we as humans make meaning of our world through art, going back to pre-history. In Sarah’s work this is echoed in forms reminiscent of standing stones, beautifully crafted from felt, and quite unique.

I can’t do justice here to the many themes inspired by the exhibition, and of course my photos don’t capture the presence of the works themselves, so I recommend that you visit the exhibition in person …

Homage to Beuys continues until the 30th September, at Summerhall, Edinburgh.

The exhibition is by appointment only. Contact the Demarco Trust on their facebook event page, on this link: Homage to Beuys

Or by email at terryan@richarddemarco.org


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