Borders Country Day 6

Today’s paintings – various experimentations. (This is all on the same wood panel, number 5 is the last version)

It’s been a frustrating day where I couldn’t quite capture the effects I wanted, so with time and light running out I decided just to play about with effects. I think I’m almost happy with number 5 so will persevere with this tomorrow. It’s odd how certain paintings ‘paint themselves’ and others most definitely don’t! On a good day I’d have finished two.

Grey Mare's Tail

Grey Mare’s Tail

The view is of the hills approaching the Grey Mare’s Tail before you go down to the bottom of the waterfall. So far I haven’t walked to the top of the waterfall but hope to do this next month.

The hill on the right in the paintings is (I think) called Watch Knowe which is where the Covenanters (Presbytarians who’d signed a treaty to say they didn’t accept that the monarchy were appointed by divine right) would watch out for government troops entering the town of Moffat. I look forward to seeing the same view in less harrowing circumstances!

Tomorrow I’m off for another trip to the Borders, not sure where yet, but I’ll be posting paintings from the trip on Monday.

A lamb enjoying its day out at the Grey Mare’s Tail..





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