50 Paintings of Eigg Series No. 35

Eigg Series No. 35. Acrylic, medium and salt on 5x5" wood

Eigg Series No. 35. Acrylic, medium and salt on 5×5″ wood


Today’s painting, a simple sea-scape and experiment with textures – lots of medium, glue, salt and acrylic.

(The blog is still giving me problems, but only wordpress is affected, so I hope to have everything sorted by the end of tomorrow).

I said I’d opine on yesterday’s play ‘Banksy the Room in the Elephant’. I can’t give a full review though because I walked out after 15 minutes. It’s a bit like people who get worried that they’ll die on a plane because statistically it’s more likely if they fly a lot, I’ve seen too many bad plays and one of these days I may keel over suddenly with boredom, what a way to go!

Suffice to say I highly recommend you avoid this play; An insufferably badly written, badly acted self indulgent monologue. What’s worse is that I left out of the wrong door. It was the door I came in by, but everything had changed, like a weird Mr Ben world. I found myself in the strange subterranean bowels of a theatre underworld where every door was marked ‘no entry’ or ‘play in progress’.

The only door I could go through led me to the back stage of the play I’d left where I could hear the tedious monologue continue. I then saw an enormous black stage with a green exit sign at the other end. and thought ‘what’s the chances if I cross this vast stage the curtains will come up and I’ll be in the middle of some strange satanic ritual.

I got out the fire exit and maneuvered my way through many more labyrinths before discovering the sign ‘toilets and bar’. I negotiated a complex rope sculpture then found myself at the entrance to the play again, then finally saw distant light, walked towards it and found myself in blessed daylight at the other side. I had to visit my friend Donald, who I introduced on Day 27 (Here) for a cup of tea and restoration to normality!


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