50 paintings of Eigg Series No. 34

Eigg Series No. 34. Acrylic and ink on 5x5" wood

Eigg Series No. 34. Acrylic and ink on 5×5″ wood

P1110355Today’s painting; the  mountains of Rum Island in sun and shade from Laig Bay. In acrylic, medium, ink and varnish.

As you can see I’m posting again! But from a friend’s PC as it seems my server  provider has an issue with wordpress, and various other tedious technical matters that I wouldn’t wish to bore you with any further!

So today/s post is a little short again. Also I’m off soon to see a play at Edinburgh’s Traverse Theatre ; Banksy; The Room in the Elephant (link Here). It’s probably touring the UK so I shall report back tomorrow to opine on its quality..

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