50 Paintings of Eigg Series. No.s 31 and 32

Eigg Series No. 30. Ink and acrylic on 5x5" wood

Eigg Series No. 31. Ink and acrylic on 5×5″ wood

Eigg Series No. 31. Acrylic on 5x5" wood

Eigg Series No. 32. Acrylic on 5×5″ wood

P1110308 P1110309Aerial views today – looking south west to the Isle of Muck from Eigg’s Sgurr and a view of Laig Bay from above.


I’m very keen to paint a large canvas of the view of (the amusingly named) Muck from the Sgurr, so this is a first experiment. What I love is the view of changing weather moving across the seascape

I’ve mentioned that I’ll soon be featuring a post about Eigg’s history, also the Eco Centre, so these are coming up, it’s just the usual business of varying delays!

I’d like to express today how much I’m enjoying this blog. There’s a feeling of ‘why didn’t I do this before?’. It’s a daily discipline, which is good for any art form, but it’s also the connection with people. Through email exchanges with buyers and chatting to people from Eigg, it’s become a very friendly process and it struck me today that, of course, painting is usually a solitary task. I enjoy the solitude while painting, but afterwards it’s great to share it with other people.

So sincere thanks to readers, islanders, buyers, re-tweeters and sharers!

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