50 Paintings of Eigg Series No. 29 and No. 30

Eigg Series No. 29. Acrylic on 5x5" wood

Eigg Series No. 29. Acrylic on 5×5″ wood

Eigg Series No. 30. Acrylic on 5x5" wood

Eigg Series No. 30. Acrylic on 5×5″ wood

P1110290 P1110291Two paintings today of houses beneath the Cleadale cliffs on Eigg’s West Coast. I’m beginning to really love these cliffs and their colours!


My plan is to create 50 paintings by the 29th, so I’ll be painting two per day until I’m up to date with them, having missed a few while on holiday. Also if you’d like to buy two paintings I’ll take £5 off (making that £85 for two paintings).

The cliffs of Cleadale are made of volcanic rock or plateaus formed by outpourings of lava, but they’re not as resilient as the volcanic pitchstone of the Sgurr (see post 14 about the Sgurr of Eigg) so the cliffs are crumbling at a faster rate, and apparently on a quiet day you can hear them crumbling. I asked Lucy Conway’s partner Eddie about this and if it made living under the cliffs a little ominous, he answered wisely ‘well, everything’s crumbling gradually isn’t it?’.

Hmm, all of us included I suppose! – but the cliffs of Cleadale do crumble with style, and I think I’ll be painting these on a much larger scale for upcoming exhibitions.

Incidentally, I won’t be posting every day after the 29th May, so if you’d like to receive up-dates about paintings and upcoming exhibitions (readers here are most welcome to attend private views of these) feel free to follow this blog: The ‘Follow’ button is at the top of this page on the left.

After the 29th, it’s going to feel strange not posting every day, but I will post regular updates re’ the continuing Eigg project, new paintings and shows..

Here’s a photo of Edinburgh’s stormy sky today – just before thunder and lightning struck!



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