50 Paintings of Eigg Series. No. 8

Eigg Series. No. 8. Ink, sand and acrylic on 5x5" wood

Eigg Series. No. 8. Ink, sand and acrylic on 5×5″ wood

P1100408Today’s painting – Laig Bay looking across to the mountains of Rum, in ink stained wood over-layered with  washes of black, blue and green ink, and a final layer of varnish, the foreground sand is a mix of varnish and Laig Bay sand.


In this stretch of water lies the Skerryvore-Camasunary Fault, the cause of all the volcanic eruptions around 60 million years ago. Most of Eigg consists of layers of lava flows from the volcano. The mountains of Rum are the worn down remains of the original volcano.

The Laig Bay sands are a mix of sand and quartz which create ever changing patterns…

P1090235 P1090233






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