50 Paintings of Eigg Series. No. 9

Eigg Series No 9. Acrylic and ink on 5x5" wood

Eigg Series No 9. Acrylic and ink on 5×5″ wood


Today’s painting is a moody depiction of Laig Bay looking towards the south.

In the past, the remote islands of the West coast attracted many Christian missionaries from Ireland, the most well-known being St Columba who settled on Iona in the 7th Century. On Eigg you can still see the remains of a chapel in Kildonan Bay, founded by St Donnán from Ireland.

I’ve always been fascinated by this era of ancient Christianity and first began to explore this time in history when I was 20 and visited Iona off the West Coast of Mull. While there I could see  and experience for myself what was meant by the expression ‘a thin veil between heaven and earth’. In those times it was common for practicing monks or nuns to embrace solitude or silence (a practice that continues to this day) and, although I’m not a part of any practicing religion, I know I’m not alone in finding these remote islands conducive to contemplation.

St Donnán’s life came to a violent end when he was killed alongside 52 monks on Easter Sunday, which was most likely to have been Norsemen since this was a common occurrence in those times.

Nowadays, Eigg has two churches, in the East and West of the island, as well as the peaceful yoga retreat at Glebe Barn in the middle of the island overlooking Kildonan Bay (you can read about Glebe Barn Yoga retreat Here)

I’m thinking of the news about Abdullah Deghayes today, and also of some friends of mine who’ve been involved indirectly in the Syrian conflict. My heart goes out to people who are unable to live in peace because of circumstances beyond their control, and I wish everyone a peaceful and loving Easter weekend

Looking East to the mainland from Kildonan Bay..



The view from The Sgurr of Eigg down to Kildonan Bay and the pier at Galmisdale..


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