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Support the Eigg Heritage Trust

The paintings above are from a series of 50 created last year as part of my project inspired by the Isle of Eigg.

These five are available to buy as small prints – 25% of the sale goes towards the Eigg Heritage Trust (see info below) –

You can buy them direct through Paypal on this link – Eigg Prints

I love the beautiful colours of the west coast of Scotland, especially the islands with their white sand and turquoise sea, but last year I wanted to explore and paint Eigg because I was fascinated by the islanders’ innovative way of life.

Eigg’s comunity of 90 people bought the island together in the late 90s, and since then they’ve brought in a 100% renewable energy system which provides all the island’s electricity needs.

It’s a great example of what’s possible if enough people work together to make positive changes. Also the island community have benefited from changes in tenanacy and house-buying arrangements, so there’s more security for people who live on the island.

All of these changes have been supported by the Eigg Heritage Trust, which is based on the island and adminstrated by Eigg-dweller Maggie Fyffe (I interviewed Maggie last year and you can read about how the islanders changed their entire way of life Here)

For each one of the fifty Eigg paintings I created last year, I wrote a blog post, basically an arts diary about Eigg. You can read about the post for each of the 5 paintings above on these links below

If you like these landscapes, you can order a high quality window-mounted giclee print, which you can buy direct through Paypal on this Link РPrints  and as mentioned 25% goes towards the Trust  (if you prefer to pay by cheque or bank transfer please contact me at rose.strang@gmail.com

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