I was thrilled to take part recently in a music video directed by singer/songwriter Alas de Liona last weekend. Alas dreamt of creating a music video for her song, Cascade, and luckily she was talent spotted by The Proclaimer’s manager Kenny MacDonald last summer while performing a gig and he decided to produce the video.

The song is emotionally moving, very poetic and I think the music video below echoes that beautifully. I played an artist, also creating the sketchbook featured in the video. The actor Malcolm Jamieson played the main role with much sensitivity.

It was a really enjoyable day, with my partner Adam there to take photos of the experience (see below vid). I hadn’t realised just how much I missed meeting new folks and creative collaborations, it was so uplifting and I enjoyed meeting all involved; lovely people. Thanks again to Kenny and Alas for inviting me to take part!

You can watch the video here, on You Tube. Feel free to share – I think Alas has a wonderful talent, not just as a singer with an expressive voice and beautiful tone, but also a poet and now director!

2 thoughts on “Cascade

  1. rosestrang Post author

    It is a lovely video isn’t it and I love Alas’s voice. It was pretty weird seeing myself in it! 🙂



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