Applecross Series day 2

Two more paintings in progress, above.

These are actually the two paintings from yesterday, messed up! I’m struggling to find the way forward with the series which is normal at this stage though pretty tiring. I completely wiped out the stormier painting and sketched in oils, then added a top layer of oils to the other one. Neither painting seems to be improved upon but that’s the way it goes!

My aim is to semi-abstract the paintings a little to get the mood in a more loose or painterly way. I don’t want a painting that simply says ‘this is what the sea looked like on Monday’. Abstracting paintings is the most difficult thing to do since you’re attempting to retain the essential things, colours, shapes and so on. It takes a more discerning eye and focused mind to spot what works – a state of mind I lacked somewhat today. Ah well, it’s good to get started at least. More painting tomorrow. ..

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