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Photo by Devo Cutler-Rubenstein.

At the launch of The Planets. The Seven Heavens in the Imagination of C.S. Lewis, I briefly met a woman called Devo Cutler-Rubenstein who’d traveled all the way from the US, not just to attend the exhibition and talk but to reconnect with Richard Demarco, Terry Newman and various others who’d all taken part in the legendary Edinburgh Arts journeys.

Edinburgh Arts involved a creative exploration of landscape, culture and history, they included people from all walks of life and fields of experience as well as creative writers, artists, musicians etc. (this link to Demarco Archive history introduces some of the experiences from the time Demarco Archives History ).

Devo kindly shared some of her photos from the Planets exhibition and event which I’ve included below. We exchanged a few emails from which I learned about her fascinating work over the years as a writer and producer. A member of the Writers’ Guild of America, Devo has written and/or produced film and television projects for ABC, Columbia Pictures, FX, Showtime, MGM, Live Entertainment, Fries Entertainment, Interscope Entertainment, and many others.

She’s also co-written a book which acts as an in-depth guide for actors exploring their characters, which you can read about here – Dating your Character

I include a selection of photos from the exhibition launch below, which I think echo Devo’s curiosity and interest in people – she has a great way of capturing the mood of an event and responses of people.

Warm thanks to Devo for traveling to the event, and for generously sharing these great photos!

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