The Cairngorms come to Edinburgh!

Thwarted in my plans to get up north to do some winter/spring painting in the Cairngorms  due to weather! I’m not complaining though, it’s beautiful in Edinburgh just now, and I’ll re-book the train for next week anyway.

The photos above are from just outside my house in Abbeyhill, I’m lucky to live right next to Arthur’s Seat. I’m planning a project for May to do with the hill and its history, more on that in a few weeks.

The photo below is of the home of a guy called Ashton who lives under a pile of bags and bits of tarpaulin, in the park just outside my house. He’s perfectly happy there and doesn’t want to live indoors, but due to the weather people are bringing him hot water bottles and tea, I left a flask today and he gave me a smile – a man of few words!




Someone on facebook posted this short vid (below) today, which is worth a watch – about a guy who likes to live outdoors –  ‘the snow makes me happy’ . ..

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