Pecha Kucha No. 37

Tomorrow evening Atzi Muramatsu and I will be presenting our work as part of the regular Pecha Kucha evening. It starts 6pm and the venue is the City Arts Centre in Market Street.

Pecha Kucha was first created by architects Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham,  the first one was presented in Tokyo and the events now take place all over the world. The Edinburgh version is run by architect Gordon Duffy.

Basically it’s a way to present ideas in a less formal setting, avoiding long (possibly tedious!) lectures – hence why the format restricts each presentation to 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide to talk, or in our case, for Atzi to play cello in response to my paintings which will be presented on slides.

Also presenting their work as part of the evening are a range of creative people from arts, business and music fields (info on link below)

What I’m looking forward to is sitting back and watching Atzi play without the hecticness of my exhibition openings – there may be Q&A after the presentation but essentially I can just relax for a change!

This link has all info about the event



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