Harris paintings day 1

Geocrab Lochan Isle of Harris, East Coast. Mixed media on 5×5″ wood block

Today’s attempts to paint the wonderful Isle of Harris. I’m happy with the looseness of Scadabay Houses.

Houses at Scarasta, Isle of Harris, West Coast. Mixed media on 5×5″ wood block

Scadabay, Isle of Harris. East Coast. Mixed media on 5×5″ wood block










A sideways view..

I’ll be painting around ten of these 5×5 inch works and around twenty at 10×10 inches on wood. The series will be on exhibition this summer from the 14th to the 20th of July at Whitespace Gallery.

4 thoughts on “Harris paintings day 1

    1. rosestrang Post author

      Hi Angela, yes Resipole gallery and studio got in touch recently to ask if I’d like to show work there, and of course I’m delighted to do so! I’ll be sending a couple of smaller works in the next week or so, and no doubt more later in the year. Andrew (gallery owner) mentioned someone had brought in a painting to be framed and they liked the look of it 🙂
      Hope all’s going great, best wishes, Rose


  1. Anonymous

    Great – I think I may have been me who triggered their call – the last picture I bought from you and its still with them waiting to be framed. Shall look forward to seeing your pictures in there, its a lovely gallery.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rosestrang Post author

      Aha! I wondered if it was you, thank you! It’s a lovely gallery indeed, such an amazing area, some of my favourite artists there too, it’s great to be showing there this year. Also I hope to drop in to see the gallery this summer as I’ll be staying on the west coast for most of July and August. Do you have an email? I’ll let you know when I’d be dropping by. All best, Rose



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