Nocturn lines, light and sound

This one minute video is a first exploration by myself and Atzi Muramatsu into a collaboration of line, light and sound…

The finished project (to be presented in July as part of the Nocturn exhibition) will be a longer far more detailed piece with fine lines made in light using an etching plate process, which will then be projected onto the wall. The improvisation between light-lines and sound/cello will be live and this will accompany the exhibition of paintings and (if funding allows!) a piece for string quartet by Atzi

The video above involved an amount of messing around with an overhead projector, fine black pigment and a darkened room. Atzo created the music in response to the video for this first ‘draft’ as it were. It shows the basic idea fairly well, we think, but the finished piece will be more interesting and dynamic – for example patterns in response to sound, and sound in response to lines, which will form a coherenet image or picture by the end. It’s a new approach to our collaboration, which is most enjoyable!



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