50 Paintings of Eigg Series. No. 16

Eigg Series. N. 16

Eigg Series. No. 16. Acrylic and ink on 5×5″ wood

P1100712Today’s painting – a view of Laig Bay and its silver/white sands. This was one of those days when I struggled to paint and despite years of painting it never seems to be in my control!


On some days it’s almost as though every stroke of paint adds something to the painting, while on others every brush stroke detracts, so I worked on three at the same time, the thinking being that one at least would work!

Having enjoyed the way ink stains gesso, today that effect was driving me mad and the sands of Laig Bay stubbornly refused to turn silver/white. Solution – cover it in varnish, blast it with a hairdryer and start again. Such are the minor challenges in my day.

Off the topic of Eigg somewhat, but still on the subject of painting – last night I was excited to see there was an excellent documentary ‘The Madness of Vermeer’ (BBC iplayer or catch up BBC4). Utterly fascinating and a revelation to discover just how chaotic and traumatic his life was.

Of the classic artists Vermeer is without doubt my favourite – and the Northern Renaissance in general, probably because it’s a light I understand, having lived in the north.

But also for the same reason others love Northern Renaissance art – the sense of utter stillness; so at odds with the chaos of Vermeer’s life. It seems that he spent a lifetime trying to capture in paint the ideal conditions of peace that eluded him all his short life.

Poring over Vermeer’s work in loving detail, presenter Andrew Graham-Dixon pointed out the deliberate rough edges amongst the perfected brushwork, which catch the eye and reflect light. Also the use of sand to capture light (at least I’m doing something Vermeer-esque!).

It was the conclusion of the documentary that so moved me, I won’t paraphrase and will just add this link for your viewing pleasure! –


And a photograph of a Laig Bay wave in nothern light..


2 thoughts on “50 Paintings of Eigg Series. No. 16

  1. Kathleen

    Well your struggle has paid off – beautiful work.
    Viewing your paintings from Eigg as well as your other projects is so inspiring and compelling. I wish you all the best and hope you have a great time on Eigg.

    Glad to get the link to Vermeer I missed the documentary so look forward to viewing. Funnily enough I was putting up cards I have of his just this last week. Was lucky enough to see some of his paintings in Amsterdam and they stopped me in my tracks…every day mundane acts … utterly spellbinding….the light flowing from his paintings….. heartbreaking.


    1. rosestrang Post author

      Hi Kathleen, thanks! Hope you enjoyed the Vermeer documentary. They are incredible in real life aren’t they? – an entire world in each painting and there’s something modest in the works – no trace of flamboyant ego or posturing!



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