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Three days to go!


On the west coast of Eigg last year

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nervous about the upcoming exhibition launch and performances on Thursday!

I hope there will be a good audience, that everything’s just right for Atzi and Jennifer’s performances, but mostly I hope that people feel inspired, and feel some of the magic that I have while working with Atzi and Jennifer in the past year.


We’ve had a few collaborations over the past year, but Thursday represents the culmination of the Eigg project. We’ve all worked hard on this one, and it’s going to be truly special.

Yesterday I also received three very moving poems that Jennifer L Williams has written in response to the paintings and themes, which she’ll read aloud at the launch. I’ve attended many of Jennifer’s readings, so I know this is something that she has an outstanding talent for; expressing mood, atmosphere and meaning beautifully.

This video from last year is a reading of ‘Stormy Sky’ which Jennifer wrote  in response to my painting ‘Stormy Sky, Lindisfarne’

As mentioned in the previous blog, I’m also very happy indeed that Atzi Muramatsu will be performing ‘Gaea Metempsychosis’ (  inspired by his experience of the cliffs at the north end of the Isle of Eigg) with string quartet at the launch.

Atzi’s talent as a musician extends in many different directions; as part of the band he leads – Lypsync for a Lullaby – also as a cellist in traditional orchestra concerts and as a composer of contemporary music. I remember listening to one of his shorter compositions ‘5 Seconds Left’ a year ago, and thinking that I’d love to collaborate with him on art projects.

Last year I overlaid ‘5 Seconds Left’ onto a slowed down video I took of ferry waves on my first trip to Eigg in April last year, I love the mesmerising, gradually deepening thrum, echoing the movement of deep sea, and the inter-layering of voice (all Atzi’s voice as far as I know!)

As Atzi and Jennifer rehearse, and I get together the final details for the exhibition, I just want to say again what a pleasure and an inspiration it is to work with such talented and great people!

If you’re coming to the exhibition on Thursday (details Here) I look forward to saying hello!

Lastly, here’s a video which features my paintings from last year’s Eigg exhibition, Jennifer’s poetry, and Atzi’s improvised music piece to ‘Moonlight on Eigg’

New paintings

280px-John_Knox's_House_-_geograph.org.uk_-_3060967The photo on the left is of the Scottish Storytelling Centre in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town on the Royal Mile, where the Eigg Island exhibition and event will be held in March.

It’s on the site of John Knox’s house which is Edinburgh’s only completely original medieval building, dating from 1470.


The event includes debut performances By JL Williams and Atzi Muramatsu, so we’ve decided to ticket it (£6 – £4 concession). You can buy tickets on this link: Tickets

Depending on fund raising success we hope to give ticket proceeds towards the Eigg Island Heritage Trust (I should find out by early February if we’ll receive funding. Fingers crossed!)

You can keep up with exhibition and event updates here: Eigg Island Facebook

Also, a welcome new addition to the exhibition is photographer Simon Nicholas White – who is very much an Eigg aficionado! He was on the island in 1998 when the community bought the island amid much celebration. His photographs are semi abstract works inspired by geology – a focus in to the textures and patterns of rock formations which are small worlds in themselves. I’m really looking forward to seeing them in the exhibition space. (Click on the link on his name to view images)

phthaloblue_eb38f4f1-a913-4ecf-a7cf-792afb143b7b_largeAt the moment I’m in the midst of ordering art supplies for three of the largest paintings I’ve made so far. I’ll be focusing a lot on texture, and have ordered large quantities of molding paste, and glaze effects (normally I add lots of salt for texture and grittiness, but on this scale I’ve had to ‘upscale’ my materials!). Also some of my favourite paints – pthalo blue and green mixed with varnish for transparency

The works will be on three 40 x 40 inch wooden panels and I’m looking forward to working on these, having often worked on smaller pieces of wood. You can really play around with effects since wood is more resilient than canvas; scratches into the surface, layers and so on.

The themes are East, West and North Eigg (I wrote more about inspiration in the earlier post Here)

If you’re in on near Edinburgh on the 26th March, I hope you can attend the launch event which promises to be very atmospheric with poetry and music recitals inspired by Eigg and its landscape, or drop in between the 27th March to 21st April to see the exhibition

‘Eigg Island’ Exhibition Launch and Event

P1090818banner final









I’m pleased to announce the up-coming Eigg Island exhibition launch and event!



This will be held at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, High Street Edinburgh on the 26th March at 7pm (All details on this link – Eigg Island Exhibition and Event )

The larger image above is a photo I took while on the Isle of Eigg, of a map which was faded and weather-worn. The text and image were barely discernible beneath the rain-washed, sun-bleached surface. I wasn’t sure at the time why I was drawn to the image, and I’m still not entirely sure! Except that it echoes the process of ‘discovering’ an island and the way its landscape and people gradually become more familiar.

These maps will be the inspiration behind the next series of paintings, although I’m not sure as yet what the process will be. The paintings will be titled West, North, East and South and they’ll represent my experience of Eigg over the past year.

I’m delighted that Atzi Muramatsu (Cellist/Composer) and Jennifer L Williams (Poet) will be collaborating with me again on this project. The exhibition will also include craft-makers from Eigg, a photographer and a song-writer from Edinburgh. (These last two are tbc so I will add more info once confirmed).

I hope you can come along to the launch evening on the 26th March, it’ll be a wonderful evening with debut performances to celebrate the launch of the exhibition! Also the exhibition continues until 21st April and the gallery is open from 10 – 6pm daily

In the meantime, this short video shows a collaboration, between myself, Jennifer and Atzi, of paintings, poetry and music inspired by Eigg..