‘Iona, October Tide’ event

Video still from ‘Iona, October Tide’


I want to thank folks for coming along to my recent event Iona, October Tide .  Most particularly thanks to Donald Ferguson and Charlotte Robertson for a beautiful poem recital (Heine’s Questions – see text below) and a moving music performance (videos below)

Questions (Heinrich Heine)

By the sea, the wild, nocturnal sea,
Stands a stripling youth;
His breast full of woe, his head full of doubts,
And with bitter lips he questions the waves:
“Oh solve me the ancient riddle,
The cruel, ancient riddle
Upon which many heads have pondered,
Heads in hieroglyphic covered hats,
Heads in black birettas and turbans,
Peri-wigged heads and a thousand other
Poor, perspiring heads —
Tell me, what signifies man?
Where cometh he? What is his destiny?
Who lives up there beyond golden stars?”
The waves murmur their eternal murmer.
The wind blows, the clouds move;
The stars blink, indifferent and cold and cruel.
And a fool waits for his answer.



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