Iona October series, day 3

I’m making more progress on the new series, and will send two of these paintings to the Resipole Gallery by Tuesday, then hopefully the rest will be finished for the Limetree Gallery by the 3rd Nov.

It was a beautiful day today – calm, bright and still. Everything looks astonishingly crisp with lavender shadows.

I’ve been corresponding by email, while here on Iona, with Chris Jupp, a friend from Edinburgh who plays lute and writes Haiku. We plan to create a couple of booklets combining haiku and paintings.

It’s proving inspirational indeed! I’ve been looking at Agrippa’s books of occult philosophy. Not that I intend to become a witch any time soon – I just find his writing interesting, and it feeds in to seeking to find and paint the magic I see in Iona’s landscape.

After discussing this, Chris sent an excerpt from an essay on painting by Merleau-Ponty titled L’oeil et l’esprit (Eye and Mind) in which he discusses the ways that painters see, or attempt to unveil what they see – which he describes as a magical process in many ways.

I’m also finding that my usual layered approach doesn’t feel so authentic, I’m trying to take myself out the equation when looking, to allow what I’m seeing to reveal itself ( very much in the way described by Ponty) then trying to recreate this freshness of experience through sketching, or later in the studio.

I’m finding that simple line sketches appeal, so I created this line (below) several times, to express the feel of October winds and chaotic energy, then after Chris sent a haiku (below) in response to the paintings so far, I added appropriate colour!

out of cerulean
the painter




I’ll be sharing more about our collaboration in future posts …

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