Citadel Book Shop event







If you’re in Edinburgh this Saturday 11th Aug’, the Citadel Bookshop is celebrating its birthday with refreshments, readings and music from 10am to 5pm.

The shop is on Montrose Terrace, Abbeyhill (map below) and is run by poet Alan Spence and his wife Janini.





I also have a few of my paintings on display there (from the Wells of Arthur’s Seat project, a couple of paintings from the series below).

So there you are, that’s several reasons to drop by this Saturday! You’ll be sure of a warm welcome from Alan and Janini. It’s a peaceful haven from the frenetic Fringe 🙂

‘Wells of Arthur’s Seat, Stream’ Mixed media on 10 x 10 inch wood panel. Rose Strang 2018 £180

‘Wells of Arthur’s Seat, Swimming Toad, Hunter’s Bog’ Mixed media on 16 x 13 inch wood panel. Rose Strang 2018 £250








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