Art sales

Sold. ‘East – Harbour’. Mixed media on 40×40″ redwood panel.

Sold. ‘West – Singing Sands’. Mixed media on 40×40″ redwood panel.

It’s been a good week for art sales! I’m delighted that two of my largest works – East – Harbour and West -Singing Sands (above) have sold on Also two paintings from the Harbours series, and a new commission of Elie Bay (viewable in yesterday’s post).

Artwork prices are the same whether through me, a gallery or an online arts site. If I sell directly I don’t pay gallery commission, but selling through galleries has the advantage of publicity and raising the profile of my work. It evens out in the end!

Sometimes galleries and arts websites will negotiate – for example the buyer of East and West was given a 20% discount since he bought two, so it’s always worth asking. In the end he paid around $3500 including shipping.

I’ve decided to indicate prices here on my blog (in ‘Gallery’ menu above). I think that galleries these days understand that artists sell in a variety of ways, due to internet sales, so in a sense it’s reassurance for them too that my prices are consistent.

So viewers here will now see which works have sold or are available in my gallery, but limited edition prints of my original paintings are also usually available (I always have paintings professionally scanned for high quality signed prints in editions of 25). I’ll also indicate if some paintings are earmarked for an exhibition, so visitors know they’ll be available at upcoming exhibitions.

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