Damasus rose 3 (in progress)

In progress (Damascus 3)

More work on Damascus 3 today.

Also, Happy International Women’s Day! Here’s an excerpt from the excellent report by Art Finder (I’ve sold a few pieces there myself)  which highlights the inequality of income and influence between women and men in the arts …

“There are many industries where women
are paid less than men for the same work.
The current gender pay gap in the UK is
13.9%1 and in the US it’s 20%2. But one of
the reasons this campaign feels so necessary
is that the differences in the high-end
art world are not to the tune of 10% or

Just one out of the top 100 lots sold at
auction in 2015 was a work by a woman. In
2004, when MoMA opened its new building,
with a reinstallation of the permanent
collection spanning the years 1880 to
1970, of the 410 works on display in the
fourth- and fifth-floor galleries, only 16
works (that’s 4%) were by women. By April
2015, still only 7% of the works on display were by women.”

Have a look at the full report on the link below, where you can also pledge your support to the campaign (no money asked!) …




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